Why aren't Worgen making sounds when /roaring

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This was an obvious bug on the PTR from the moment it was released.

I thought that, surely, this would be fixed, or at worst someone would explain why this was changed.

Blizzard has neither said why this was changed, nor have they fixed it, so now I ask, why was it changed? Is it going to be fixed? Am I going to have to wait several months for Blizzard to decide this is 'important' enough for them to spend two minutes to fix it?

You may think that I have an aggressive tone about this, and you would be correct. I am pretty frustrated that nothing was mentioned about this, that this obvious bug was ignored and remained ignored. Being able to /roar is an important part of my playing a worgen, and yes, I am upset it was removed, especially in this way.

This is almost as bad as when worgen were making the /chicken sound when they laughed, and Blizzard spent well over a month to decide to fix it. I've just about lost patience for this kind of thing.

So let's cut to the chase: Is this going to be fixed? Is this intentional? I'd like some answers please, I've been waiting for them for months but I figured it was a known bug that would be fixed by the time the PTR was out. It sure hasn't turned out that way.

PS: It does feel like a bug, since changing stances for warriors and such still makes roar sounds, but the emotes do not.

PPS: This effects male and female worgen and goblins. No other emotes or races seem to be effected.
I /roar as often as possible on my goblin female just because its so adorable :p
I know that didnt help you but it made me lol.
I have to agree, the roar sound was my favorite thing about playing a Worgen warrior. Please put it back/fix. The actual /emote for roar is not that important to me, but I liked having the sound when buffing battle shout.

BTW I just tried changing stances and it now makes no sound either, which seems contrary to what the OP said. Makes me think it was taken out of the game altogether.
Fun was detected and removed.
04/26/2011 04:27 PMPosted by Qtpockets
Fun was detected and removed.

Working as intended.
04/26/2011 04:33 PMPosted by Real
Fun was detected and removed.

Working as intended.
04/26/2011 04:33 PMPosted by Real
Fun was detected and removed.

Working as intended.
Obviously, they were confused and thought all the complaints about the sniffing were about the roar.
Honestly? . the only thing that makes me to be a Worgen is able to use the / roar ... EVERYONE love that .. So why the blizzard remove this so cool emote ?
I don't know if these are related but even in the worgen form of two forms if I try to do something that results in my toon talking (ie using a spell that costs 50 focus when i have 30 saying Not enough focus) the voice is a human voice not a worgen one...
The only good thing about the race was this /roar. Blizzard, the killers of fun and fluffy kittens at its best.
I paid good money to switch to Worgen just because I thought they sounded cool as warriors, since warriors shout so much... now it sucks, hard.

I had a battlecry with a /roar macro'd in for our progression boss fights.

Since 4.1, my battlecry is 300% less effective at boosting morale.

Morale loss could also be due to my conviction to always show my turban helmet (it's a protest against the ridiculous non-rogue nature of Rogue Tier 11 gear), but I'm pretty sure the silent roaring is also having a negative effect.

Please change this. /roar wasn't hurting anybody.
Yeah, it's awesome as hell to be a Worgen warrior, Roaring all the time!
But now...its just lame ~_~
Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!... Fix it! Fix it!

I want my shouts and /roar to roar again, going through the motion w/o any sound is kinda lame.

I hope this was an unintentional bug

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