Why aren't Worgen making sounds when /roaring

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Yep apparently from what I've been hearing they removed that along with dancing in combat. You can't do either one anymore apparently and blizzard has yet to explain their reasoning even though there have been many threads asking why. It's just dumb and theres no logic behind it. I really don't know how much longer I'm going to play if they continue making unnecessary changes that don't have any effect on gameplay at all and then don't even bother to explain why they do it.
I was heartbroken by this when I logged in on tuesday. Give us back our voice please.
we need an answer to this, more importantly we want our roars back!
Have any of you noticed that the cataclysm drakes mounts have no "roar" either when you do /mountspecial?

Seems they don't think flavor is needed.

Just reminds me why I played Neverwinter Nights for as long as I did. I only recently came to WoW... hasn't been more than.... 6 months that I've played this game.

I love flavor
come on blizz give the old races a /roar!
Glad someone posted this, I'm very upset about this as well.

Give us our roar sound effect back.
At least we will have a bluepost on this Thread? Explaining if this is really a bug or a big mistake made ​​by Blizzard?
I believe it’s a sinus infection keeping them from roaring, it would explain the constant sniffles.
But the other races suffer from this, so you must too!

I really hope this is an unintended bug. Their sniffing sounds are still there so it might be.



Ah, fun was detected and removed.



Deleting this character and rerolling him as a human today. Took away the -only- reason I rolled a worgen warrior.
Who cares if it was not intentional? There's no need to take fun out of the game.

People race change because of the roar. It makes you money, bring it back!
Wow....I know quite a few people that race changed in order to use the /roar emote as worgen. Just because something wasn't intended doesn't mean it should be taken out... It was a new class with a little extra perk, im sure not too many people complained.

Also, couldn't it be hot-fixed if it was that much of a problem? Why wait until now?
If they are intent on making things equal, does that mean they are removing the /moo from Tauren? You know... to be fair and all.
Got yourself a pretty interesting point right there. They love balance so much? Balance it.

Unless this is just a way for them to fuel another favoritism debate...
I am sad they took the time to remove something that simply provided fun and flavor to one of the new races. Such a shame.
One of my favorite flavor items that the Worgen had. I'm hoping that EU blue was just in a rush to answer questions and this is just disabled for a time due to another bug or some other mess up. Really do not like being unable to have the voiced /roar as it added to the fun of RP and such.

Keep adding to the thread to keep it on the front page of general too.

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