Please revert Horse Mount animation changes

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I log in today and notice that some of my favorite mounts (Forsaken Warhorses, Argent Warhorse, etc) now run identical to the way Talbuk's run. This running animation isn't natural and is the sole reason I never ride the Talbuk mounts. Now this horrible animation has been carried over to seemingly every horse mount (and possibly the wyvern mounts) for some illogical reason, considering their old animations were far better.

Please revert this change. Post if you agree/disagree, with your opinions on the matter.

Short video of the new animation:

Original running animation:
Yeah, it looks like you're about to get bucked off your horse. >_<
*Chalks this up next to the other 13 EXACT same threads*

*Chalks this up next to the other 13 EXACT same threads*


I looked through the first three pages of general and didn't see a thread on the matter. Search feature is useless. Go be boring somewhere else.

If it isnt broken, dont fix it. Apparently Blizz never heard of this statement.

Horses GALLOP, and they used to do so just fine. Now however the animation looks more like a childs wooden rocking horse.
Added a video of the animation:
Is this a purposeful change or a bug like the dragon mounts had in Wrath? If this is intentional, I am deeply displeased >:[
04/26/2011 06:29 PMPosted by Industry
Added a video of the animation:

Guess I'll have to take a look in game first, because that video doesn't appear akin to the way a Talbuk runs.

Then again, I've been awake over 24 hours and I'm attempting to not fall asleep at work, so it could be me.
Video for original horse running animation:
wyverns have the same problem.
Do they now give you a barf bag with each horse you get? Because just watching for those few seconds got me woosy feeling.
Another patch, another set of broken crap that won't be fixed until the next patch if then. We just had a round of pet and mount fixes and yet they just can't seem to get it right.

Post in the bug reports forum, not that it really does much good.

It's so annoying looking like I'm riding a rocking horse.
Take the damn camel animation off my Black Warhorse that I've been riding since BC.

Thank you




Also I am not being sarcastic. This is bull@!##.
04/26/2011 09:55 PMPosted by Jaydriel
Yikes, really? It's gotta be a bug, I can't imagine them doing that intentionally.
I certainly hope it's a bug, if not I may rage quit...

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