portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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they should put them back because it would help my and other people's ALTs to get around. i also don't like runing from Dal to Valiance keep just to go to SW or from Shat all the way to the dark portal then from the dark portal all the way to SW. i think thats just a wast of time if you ask me.
this is really a big issue? really?
04/28/2011 05:03 PMPosted by Rebeka
this is really a big issue? really?

No, it's just a unpublished change. Didn't see it in the patch notes.

I don't think it's a "you were wrong, we were right" thing at all - deleting the Dal/Shatt portals served its purpose. Most of us did spend the last 4~5 months in the old world and many people saw and did new things instead of just Dala-sitting - in trade chat 24/7.

No, not a big issue and doesn't really matter - we all adapt to changes (hello, we're gamers!). But there's nothing wrong with a little more convenience here and there.

04/27/2011 05:02 AMPosted by Migina
P.S. Community- Please stop all the mage-hating. We don't all work for Blizzard and they don't listen to us any better than any other class. Signed- lots of mages. :D

I'll stop hating mages when mages stop charging ridiculous amounts of gold for their portals.

The stupid stones only cost 50s. I see no need to charge 10g or more to do 10 seconds of work.

But thankfully, these new portals in Shatt/Dalaran can allow me to say "screw you, mages!" a lot easier. I ain't paying those prices, portals or no portals. But the portals are most certainly welcomed, even if it is only SW/Org. Heck, we never need the other Capital Cities anyways and there are ways to get them if one needs.

I'll stop charging 10g+ on my mage when this stops happening:

*Log into mage, start going about my business*
[Randomnoob] Port me to Darnassus
[Me] Sorry, I'm busy
[Randomnoob] It takes all of 10 seconds.
[Me] No. I'm busy
[Randomnoob] Come on, just port me
[Me] Fine. 10g
[Randomnoob] wtf. the stones cost you 50s
[Me] Don't like it, go bother someone else

Either I (a) get left alone; or (b) I get 10g. Win-win.
I for one know had not played at all in 13 months and when i logged in, I was in Dala and felt TOTALLY lost, had no clue had to get to SW to check out flying there. Im still not sure why they were removed but I'm glad they are back.
They aren't terribly necessary, especially the ones in Shatt (there are portals to Org and SW right next to the Outland side of the Dark Portal) but, getting to and from Dalaran was quite a pain without a ring.

It would've been a lot cooler if they'd just moved the giant flying city closer to a sea port, but you can't always get what you want.
04/27/2011 12:52 AMPosted by Solaru
im not trying to troll, im serious why were they put back in after they said they wouldnt be put back in?

Great thing about this game...sometimes the developers listen to the players.

They were listening to a lot of us when they took them out. >..>
i dont think this is a big issue, nor did i intend to create any drama. i was just curious as to whether it was intended or they put them in the ptr for better convienence
04/28/2011 07:38 PMPosted by Madrik
I can stop making so much Deepholm potions

Don't those just portal you to Deepholm?

Isn't there a portal to each of the 5 Cata zones in Orgrimmar (as well as Stormwind)?

Why would a Dalaran portal to Orgrimmar have anything to do with making Deepholm potions?

yes there are portals to all the cata zones in both org and storm
This post is elitist and completely awful, please don't post like this anymore.

MY post is "elitist"?? LOL!

I am for giving players a CHOICE... more options... ease in travel... better gameplay experience.

YOU are for dictating how others are able to play - according to YOUR standards... and restricting selections.

You might want to look up that word's definition before you label someone else with it. ;-)

I THINK he's mostly laughing at... the WAY you write, your freakin hard on the eyes paragraph structure and gratuitous roleplaying!!! OMG OMG now we can live in the PEACEFUL and BEAUTIFUL cities again.

So you don't like the disgusting slums of Orgrimmar and dilapidated tents of Thunder Bluff with the big smelly cow people. Are you too good? Of course you sound elitist, and stuck-up, snobby. Who are you supposed to be, Paris Hilton? ;-)

The portals being back is very nice nice. But it's hardly anything to get THAT EXCITED about. Srsly.
I can stop making so much Deepholm potions

Don't those just portal you to Deepholm?

Isn't there a portal to each of the 5 Cata zones in Orgrimmar (as well as Stormwind)?

Why would a Dalaran portal to Orgrimmar have anything to do with making Deepholm potions?

Oh so you didn't know about the insta-port (no casting time) potions to the Deepholm Temple...which has portals to Org and SW? Secret side-hearth. (Yes, sometimes 15 minutes is not quick enough!)

04/28/2011 09:33 PMPosted by Franney
I can't believe no one came up with the conclusion that Blizzard screwed themselves over when they decided to give us no new race capitals for Goblin and Worgen, and no new neutral city. You really hate players returning to Shattrath and Dalaran that bad? They wouldn't have to if you would have been smart and gave us what we always got, a new expansion city where everyone can sit, hearth, and spam right-click its network of portals. But instead you rob us of a new city, and have the balls to take away the portals from the Wotlk city that we're still stuck with?

Nyah hah hah! /twistmustache And you'll never be able to untie her before the train arrives!

*cue dramatic old-timey piano music*
Oh look, the players were right and blizzard was in the wrong, again.

I'm not surprised, I knew this would happen.

You a geneous.


However I suppose Blizzard is full of humans and Humans make mistakes unlike us Taurens.. Now if Blizzard was full of Taurens then maybe no mistakes would ever be made. ;O)

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