portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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WOW so much anger towrds each other at the begining blizz intended to make mages (like me :) ) more than just a over numerous DPS and have a lil more pourpose than just a CC. but at th same time it is frustrating to everyone that had even all there low lvl toons hearth stones set for dal just for the port factor now have no way to get to SW without paying 10-20g per toon. not to mention if thay had been out of the loop for 6 months to a yr. i agree this is a well thought out and usefull thing Blizz did for us. It saves time and gold
05/02/2011 01:31 PMPosted by Grody
There was absolutely no reason to remove them from the game in the first place.

Nobody ever complained about them... and in fact, everybody seemed to like them.

Mages still sold portal service, even with all the portals.

So... it is hard for me to understand why removing them ever seemed like a good idea.
I can honestly careless about them putting the portals back in, but what I am worried about is how easly they change their minds. They did the same thing with the Amani War Bear, let me post the exact quote.

" Once Wrath of the Lich King goes live, you will no longer be able to obtain the Zul'Aman bear mount by saving all 4 prisoners in the timed run. The Bear Mount will be replaced by a very good, epic item that is level appropriate for people doing the zone. To be clear, the Zul'Aman bear mount is supposed to be an item of very high prestige. We want players who have earned it during the appropriate era (aka before the level cap gets raised) to be recognized for their accomplishment. We have absolutely no problem with higher level players (above level 70) going back and doing Zul'Aman after Wrath of the Lich King is live. We just want to preserve the accomplishment of having saved all 4 prisoners at the intended difficulty level."

And what do they do? They go back on their word and bring it back. The mount is a joke to get and we've been farming it since the instance released. Same thing was said about the portals, they said they would not bring them back and two patches later, they add them again. What's next?
04/27/2011 01:07 AMPosted by Shandrie
brb making dal hearth again

Pretty much what people are gonna do now if they want to avoid the crowded Orig/SW and Blizz said this was the reason the portals were removed.........so people wouldn't use old hubs for anything other then leveling. /boggle

I knew people that are still using Shat as a hub because it was less laggy, especially since the portal to SW/Org was near the hellfire gate. I made all my homes in Darn and TB. Pretty and nearly empty. Win on both accounts.
With this change, I'm still treehugging Stormwind. It's obvious that the real stuff starts in Azeroth, and BC/WotLK is so 2 expansions ago.

At least, tons of stuff that are associated with Cataclysm are in SW/Org, anyway.
This is awesome, without a portal it requires a 5 minute flight in Northrend to the 15 minute boat trip. That boat ride is brutally long. Don't know about you but I would rather just go to Dal and right click a Portal and cut the time by less than half. Ive been there done that, if I'm in Northrend or Outlands I'm not there site seeing and don't want to take 20 minutes to get out. I just went to Northrend to grind cobalt ore (prior to these portals being re-implemented) to level my BS.... well I didn't get enough so I wasted like 600g buying from AH because I refused to go back. I miss having ports to them all though, I wish they would line them all up somewhere in SW and ORG.
We had a number of instances where people were coming back to the game after not playing for a long time, in some cases years, and having a really difficult time finding their way to where they should be.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar portals now exist in Dalaran and Shattrath to help them get to the relevant cities in Cataclysm; one for each faction, and only those two portals exist to facilitate that assistance.

brb making dal hearth again

You and me both !
One of the most beautiful cities in all of WOW was being wasted because the portals were removed. Thank you Blizzard for giving me my beautiful home back.
Love those portals in Dal and shatt. Fast leveling for my toons and easy for me. If you dont like them being there dont use them.

Omg did i just say that. or you can qq about them and no one will care.
I'm sure abunch of people QQ'd about no portals. Every time Blizz does something just a tiny bit challenging or maybe a bit inconvient QQers come from ALL around to point it out. Get over it, pay some mages to port you. They need the love anyways.
I am just glad they put them back in though cuz now i dont have to hearth or wait like five freaking minutes for a boat!!
Rofl, I actually enjoyed having to take the long way around out of Shattrath. But come on Dalaran? It's the MAGE city, portals plz.
04/27/2011 12:48 AMPosted by Glenlivet
The one dev not playing Mage finally stood up and placed the portals back in!

If I could come up with a clever way to troll, I would, but it looks like everyone else before me beat me to the punch. Minus the clever part.
I am thrilled. I miss Dalaran. Rehearth here I come this evening!!!!
I for one am glad of the return of the portals. Do we need all them back, no. But having one for each of the Main City of each fraction is a plus. I never used Mages. I would use the good old boat/zep to get where I needed, or with the case of my DK use the Death gate then fly to either UC with my Tauren DK or to IF with this toon. Yes it took some time. Now its a bit easier. I just use my HS for DAL. For me, I dont care for crowds, so going to DAL now is a great. Less lag. Too much lag in SW/ORG now. I don't see a mass exodus from either to Dal, but for those who like to have DAL as a home its now easier to get back to the main play areas especially with 85's. Will make farming diff levels much easier also.

Thanks Blizz

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