portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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Thank you Blizz overlords for the port for a return trip to our main cities

My computer acts up sometimes going into Org due to the amount of people there and loading everything ( I use wifi so that might also have something to do with it) but I never had a problem in Northrend cause most people arnt there on my server lol

I would like to see a port to Shatt/Dal added to the appropriate places like a port to dal in Shatt or a port to shatt in dal LOL

I dont mind the travel times and I actually liked the removal of the ports back when the went poof till about a month ago when I revisited the Argent Tourny and fell in love with it again sadly I dont have the vendor opened yet to get the insta poof to teh grounds yet nor enough gold to by a dal ring wish they would drop a little in price lol
04/28/2011 09:40 PMPosted by Bashiok
I can't believe no one came up with the conclusion that Blizzard screwed themselves over when they decided to give us no new race capitals for Goblin and Worgen, and no new neutral city. You really hate players returning to Shattrath and Dalaran that bad? They wouldn't have to if you would have been smart and gave us what we always got, a new expansion city where everyone can sit, hearth, and spam right-click its network of portals. But instead you rob us of a new city, and have the balls to take away the portals from the Wotlk city that we're still stuck with?

Nyah hah hah! /twistmustache And you'll never be able to untie her before the train arrives!

*cue dramatic old-timey piano music*

I love you.

Posted by Bashiok

I will probably do the same to get the cooking dailies done. Bashiok, that reason holds no water against the reasons that have been stated against such portals. Players getting lost, did they somehow forget how to use their mounts? Which ever, its been done.

Well specifically for BC you could have played the entire expansion and still never purchased a flying mount, and if you timed it right you could have played all of Wrath and never purchased flying there either. That could be quite a bit of running, if you happened to even look up and know where you should be going to begin this whole Cata-whatever-it's-called.

We try to lessen or remove situations where someone logs in after a long time to maybe check out the game again, and sees there's some daunting task they need to begin before being able to really get back into playing.

One that still exists, at least for me, is bag clutter. I'll log into alts, look at my bags and bank, and be so overwhelmed I'll log out. Those types of situations are almost immediate stops to someone's desire to log back in or continue playing.

Anyway, to you or me, yeah it seems silly (how can they not know how to get back to Stormwind!?), to many past players though it's a legitimately helpful change to try to make it a smooth welcome-back experience.

And yeah, you guys can use them now too. Whatevs.

Try getting hacked, that guy cleared my bagspace right up
I leveled to 85 really quickly so that I could start raiding with my guild. With the portals back, it makes it a lot easier to take the time to travel back to get the necessary mats to level up secondary professions (ie cooking) and to take on BC & WotLK achievements & dailies.

And with your 60-70 toon, it's amusing to see an 85 character doing archaeology survey out in BFE of Outland.
Well at least now Dalaran wont be such a ghost town anymore
We had a number of instances where people were coming back to the game after not playing for a long period, in some cases years, and having a really difficult time finding their way to where they should be.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar portals now exist in Dalaran and Shattrath to help them get to the relevant cities in Cataclysm; one for each faction, and only those two portals exist to facilitate that intent.

Im extremely dissapointed in you.....you gave in to qq....as always.
I remember having to be lvl 60 to get the epic ground mount
I for one LOVE this change! I am still working on getting the amazing bedazzled fishing rod and having to fly back and forth wasn't fun. Just the one portal to the main city is perfect if you ask me. Also I love Dal, it's so pretty!
Well at least now dalaran will start seeing some action again. What with it being a ghost town now and all
Wish they would make flying in north rend and old world free though
I for one find it hilarious that people complained about people complaining about the portals disappearing then complaining about them coming back. What's the big deal? Is it that confusing? Blizzard devs put a lot of time and effort into creating Shattrath and Dalaran and NO ONE goes there. I get tired of looking at Orgrimmar and would have preferred to be in Shattrath or Dalaran from the start, preferably Dalaran because I can easily farm classic rep in Violet Hold and now port to Orgrimmar to do my trading or port on to Blasted and Dark Portal to fail to get Reins of the Raven Lord each day. Is it really that big a deal that Blizz wants people to use the unused capital cities some?

Blizz, you should set up a failure hill opposite the lvl 85 area portals that would contain portals directly to Sethekk Halls, Stratholme back gate, Tempest Keep, and the Lower Citadel so we can get our mount failies out of the way faster !_! qqqqqqqqqqqq
LOL I've moved all my toons back to Dalaran for their homes. No one there to make it laggy and I feel like a high class citizen of the greatest city of mages. When they remove them again I'll just move the toons that can't teleport or use portals back to Brill or something.
Wonder how muching whining it will take for them to recognize [School of Hard Knocks] should be moved to Feat of Strength or the PvP tab or up their....
Please Remove WoW 1 and WoW 2 please
I guess someone in the city of mages stepped up and put up a portal.

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