portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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We had a number of instances where people were coming back to the game after not playing for a long period, in some cases years, and having a really difficult time finding their way to where they should be.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar portals now exist in Dalaran and Shattrath to help them get to the relevant cities in Cataclysm; one for each faction, and only those two portals exist to facilitate that intent.

I'm really happy to hear that this isn't just a bug or some unintended change. I first started playing World of Warcraft in the Burning Crusade era and that was when I had the most fun with the game. I love being able to just relax in Shattrath again, while still having quick access to Stormwind when I'm needed.
04/27/2011 01:26 AMPosted by Bashiok

I will probably do the same to get the cooking dailies done. Bashiok, that reason holds no water against the reasons that have been stated against such portals. Players getting lost, did they somehow forget how to use their mounts? Which ever, its been done.

Well specifically for BC you could have played the entire expansion and still never purchased a flying mount, and if you timed it right you could have played all of Wrath and never purchased flying there either. That could be quite a bit of running, if you happened to even look up and know where you should be going to begin this whole Cata-whatever-it's-called.

We try to lessen or remove situations where someone logs in after a long time to maybe check out the game again, and sees there's some daunting task they need to begin before being able to really get back into playing.

One that still exists, at least for me, is bag clutter. I'll log into alts, look at my bags and bank, and be so overwhelmed I'll log out. Those types of situations are almost immediate stops to someone's desire to log back in or continue playing.

Anyway, to you or me, yeah it seems silly (how can they not know how to get back to Stormwind!?), to many past players though it's a legitimately helpful change to try to make it a smooth welcome-back experience.

And yeah, you guys can use them now too. Whatevs.

As someone who just came back recently, I thank you for this change. One of the most annoying things about re-learning to play the game was trying to get from old world to expansion content easily.
04/27/2011 01:32 AMPosted by Dokilar
i feel bad, i wish i had not even made this post now =(

God don't feel bad. Anytime we get to pick Bashiok's brain about what the devs are thinking is a good thing.

If nothing else, you informed many people about this change, myself included. And because Bashiok posted to the thread, every blue tracker will pick it up and inform many other people. You did the community a service.
I'm actually really happy to see this change. =)

I've been using my argent crusade tabard to travel back and forth to Northend since Cata was released, which isn't always the most convenient thing to do. It's nice to have an easier way to get there, without needing to try to track down a mage or wait for the SLOW boat to come.

The portals will make it much easier to get where I am going, without making it so nobody ever uses SW. I think this was a fair compromise.

to me this just seems like a step back. a minor one. a one that really isn't worth paying attention to. but still a step back on a list of equally small ones that i just think are a general wrong way of looking at things.

players were told auction houses and trainers were added. they could have easily just added a quest giver in shat/dal when you hit 68/80 that told you to go back to the heroes board in your major faction city.

they didn't though. they added portals. if the complaint is that older players coming back were lost though...adding the portals really just gives them another place to wonder around lost hoping to get to the right place...doesn't it? it's still not a direction.

but that's all just tied to the issue that bc and wrath weren't touched for cataclysm really. to me a quest would have been much more effective.

the actual portals aren't a problem for me at all.

i just don't understand the logic.
You've got to be kidding.......

Way to cave Blizz.

hey look its another "im feeling hardcore so im going to walk backwards on my hands from SW to tanaris... wow so hard!"

slow isnt hard you know, slow is just that, slow.

players were told auction houses and trainers were added. they could have easily just added a quest giver in shat/dal when you hit 68/80 that told you to go back to the heroes board in your major faction city.

I think the point was so that players didnt have to then get on a bird from say.. netherstorm and fly all the way back to the dark portal, then run/fly to nethergarde kep then fly to SW (imagine the horrible travel time imposed upon horde!). It could add literally half an hour to newcomers. Thats not fun, nor challenging, its a waste of time
04/27/2011 01:34 AMPosted by Yarrthas
Yeah, one thing I really didn't like about Baldur's Gate back in the day was how it sometimes felt more like a quest of inventory management. I should probably grab a bag addon or something to help deal with it in WoW, but it's never been a big enough problem that I felt like it needed something.

Yeah, definitely was a problem in Baldur's Gate. With weight management and all that. Still a problem in Dragon Age. You don't have to worry about weight, but you only have 70-100 or so bag slots and halfway through a dungeon, you have to start deleting stuff or run for 10 minutes to get out of the dungeon and back to camp to sell.
04/27/2011 12:54 AMPosted by Shandrie
It was incredibly easy to get anywhere you wanted in the world with out having the Dal/Shatt portals.

You're joking right? Easy? Uh...no.
Thank you!
You apparently only have portals for the main faction cities, SW or Org, unless you are exalted with the other faction cities also. On my Ambassador toon, it looked like I had several portals from shatt but on others with no exalted factions they have only Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

It wasn't difficult to navigate even on my lowbies that were parked in Dal but it is a nice convenience.
A theatrical presentation of the Portal Issue:

Blizzard "No more portals for you!"

Players "But I kant git mahsulf bek ta Stomerwund liek evurbuddy ulse! I needz poartulz"

Mages "LOL gimme 1000g and I'll portal you to Theramore, noob"

Players "I dun undirsteand."

**5 Months Later**

Blizzard "Sorry we we kinda pulled a d-bag move back there; Here's a portal back."

Players "Now whai yoo gotta be doin' that! Stoopid Blizz dumbin' the game downn fer kashualz!"

Mages "Alms for the poor!"

Players "Frost is still OP"

Blizzard "Why do I listen to these people?"

Ghostcrawler "Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr! Buff mages nao!"

Blizzard "Yessir!"

*All quotes are completely accurate if you think of them as being completely inaccurate but not really.


Do you do the daily blink comic by chance?

Anyhow, this toon will not like going to the 'city of mages' (aka Dal) to have it filled with others, Ive ALWAYS liked dal, even when it was just a purple bubble in the ground. Then to feel like I had it all to myself :(

Oh well, just make sure you all clean up your dragon droppings, Mages are already food & water vendors + transporters, I will not reduce myself to being a janitor for you too!!!
Erm, I never understood the point of removing portals. I never thought that having them there had anything whatsoever to do with getting lost. It's a matter of convenience that for some reason you took away. I actually wonder if there was a good reason.

I don't like leaving my hearth in Org :/
so, let me get this right. Things get removed. people complain. stuff gets put back in. people complain again?

Alright, I'm done with the forums.
why are you all up in arms about this change. This is a middle ground change that was needed. This only benefits new levelers/alts. This does nothing for your level 85. You'll still want to camp out at sw/org. Its the reason why theres only portals to those 2 cities. I dont even see a reason why you would set your hearth back to dalaran, unless your pc is really terrible and dont like packed areas, but heres a little spoiler for you, did you know theres more then 1 inn/ah/bank in those 2 cities??? Food for thought.

Bank alts/mules wont even bother with dalaran unless they enjoy the extra running. The ah is too far a run without a flying mount from the bank. Sw/org houses the portals that actually matter to an 85 as it has the portals to all the questing/dailies hubs.

Again this change doesnt affect you, why do you people insist complaining about such a non trivial change that wont even affect your gameplay. Its stupid.
Dalaran is so 2 patches ago lol
I bet these cities will still be ghost towns.

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