portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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OMG this is awesome news. The guild summon feature has finally been able to rescue the various alts I forgot to hearth in SW (and most can make it back via the long way) but I do have some horde lowbies who got stranded out there (usually for holiday achievements) and I just left them, having no real way to get them out of there.

Definitely support this change.
You've got to be kidding.......

Way to cave Blizz.

hey look its another "im feeling hardcore so im going to walk backwards on my hands from SW to tanaris... wow so hard!"

slow isnt hard you know, slow is just that, slow.

players were told auction houses and trainers were added. they could have easily just added a quest giver in shat/dal when you hit 68/80 that told you to go back to the heroes board in your major faction city.

I think the point was so that players didnt have to then get on a bird from say.. netherstorm and fly all the way back to the dark portal, then run/fly to nethergarde kep then fly to SW (imagine the horrible travel time imposed upon horde!). It could add literally half an hour to newcomers. Thats not fun, nor challenging, its a waste of time

you DO know that there is a SW/(im assuming Org) Portal at the Dark Portal... has been since Cata's release at least...
No matter how many people pick nits with you Bash, I think there are a lot of people that are very grateful for the portals. For those that don't come to the forums I will take it upon myself to thank you and those at Blizz that brought back the portals.

Thanks! =]
04/27/2011 05:11 AMPosted by Migina
Whatever, seriously. How could this possibly affect your gameplay? In fact, it may lessen it, because I know of many people who will likely hearth in Dalaran or Shatt now, including myself. I was one of the few who really liked Shatt, and I've missed being there. How could populating these cities once again be a bad thing? New players can see that even old content gets use, and that this game has life.

Spreading the people out between Shatt, Dalaran, and SW/Org also has the nice side-effect of reducing lag in SW/Org. People who don't have any Cooking/Fishing Daily business, and those who aren't doing things in Cataclysm areas, can LFD/AH/Bank/Craft in Shatt or Dalaran instead if they don't like the lag.

These are all great changes and I honestly don't understand the "THERE'S A PORTAL NEAR THE DARK PORTAL LOL LOL LOL" mentality, who wants to fly for 3-5 minutes every time they need to go To and Fro Shatt? Who wants to wait 5min on a boat/zeppelin ride every time they need to go to Dalaran? How many players are willing to plunk down 8k gold just to get a fast Dalaran travel method?

The portals are a good change. Please stop whining about them, they don't hurt anyone's play experience.

Ah, that's what I said, too.
We had a number of instances where people were coming back to the game after not playing for a long period, in some cases years, and having a really difficult time finding their way to where they should be.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar portals now exist in Dalaran and Shattrath to help them get to the relevant cities in Cataclysm; one for each faction, and only those two portals exist to facilitate that intent.
So Exodar and SMC are further ignored? GG :(
Was this still a big issue for many people now that 15-minute hearthstones are increasingly common?
Portals: Awesome! A little less lag while taking care of day to day business, and a little faster travel time after my Ogri'la dailies... that I am one day from finishing. Oh well, still have Consortium to hit.

Bags: I've thought a few times that a large 'cooking bag' for meats would be useful. I've thought that being able to 'stack' an armor set would be useful. I also think completely overhauling the inventory system could help. Unfortunately, my influence on it is limited. Fortunately, I'm not personally doing it, because it sounds like a lot of work.
Yeah!!! I'm back home in DALARAN!!! thank you so much /kiss
All this QQ over portals being reinstated. For those of you that don't like the change, what does it matter to you? If you don't like it, don't use them? It does nothing to change your gameplay experience (unless you're a mage and then you will miss out on the one player a week who wanted to go from Dalaran to Stormwind).

Having played numerous alts and knowing how to get where I'm going doesn't make it any less time-consuming and mind numbing. Saving me five minutes in traveling doesn't affect your life in any way. Quit trying to find things to nitpick about and play the game.
u don't need portals, i have plenty of them, at a good price
A theatrical presentation of the Portal Issue:

Blizzard "No more portals for you!"

Players "But I kant git mahsulf bek ta Stomerwund liek evurbuddy ulse! I needz poartulz"

Mages "LOL gimme 1000g and I'll portal you to Theramore, noob"

Players "I dun undirsteand."

**5 Months Later**

Blizzard "Sorry we we kinda pulled a d-bag move back there; Here's a portal back."

Players "Now whai yoo gotta be doin' that! Stoopid Blizz dumbin' the game downn fer kashualz!"

Mages "Alms for the poor!"

Players "Frost is still OP"

Blizzard "Why do I listen to these people?"

Ghostcrawler "Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr! Buff mages nao!"

Blizzard "Yessir!"

*All quotes are completely accurate if you think of them as being completely inaccurate but not really.

LOL! GC's line was the BOMB.
04/27/2011 12:54 AMPosted by Wilderspark
Yay, now getting my alts back to ORG for Cata will be even easier.

Come on, like taking the zeppelin back was sooooo hard.
Awesome, I loved Dalaran. Maybe I'll reset my hearth there to lose the Org lag.
04/27/2011 12:59 AMPosted by Solaru

Yes you..and all the others that QQ when Blizz makes a quality of life improvement in the game.

As a mage, I'm slightly confused why you would like this change...
I for one am glad that some type of portals are back. Maybe those cities will become used again. I was thinking of visiing Delaran anyway so now I wont feel like i have to plan out a long journey. Mages just lost a big chunk of income.
To those angry because ports are back and saying bliz caved in that getting around was "easy" while not difficult by any means, w/o the portals those with multiple characters doing dailies first in SW then in Shatt then in Dalaran end up spending more time traveling than they do doing the select dailies.

Yes, it is time consumming when I first do the daily cooking and fishing in SW then hit the dark portal fly to shatt to check their fishing and cooking then back to SW if its Crocs In The City then back to Shatt yet again then back to SW then hit the harbor boat to Valience fly to dal check cooking and fishing then fly to shol etc etc etc.

I actually do spend more time getting from point A to point B and so on than I actually do getting dailies done and I have not even begun cata rep dailies and dread even thinking about them, with 5 lvl 80 somethings the portals are a time saving boon.

To those that may say this is Cata why would you bother with shatt and dal dailies and oracles dailies, well I like to learn all the rec via cooking, I want the chef hat on ALL my characters and I want the drake that hatches from the oracle egg and I want ALL 4 baby croc pets:)

If only sw and ogri ports are back in both shatt and dal it would be my hope that the rest are added at some later date as when world events are thrown into the mix many of of us add darn, exo, IF and of course then there is UC smc and tb.
Oh look, the players were right and blizzard was in the wrong, again.

I'm not surprised, I knew this would happen.

You a geneous.

A geneous? Or a genius?
If that was a pun, Bashiok, for once I don't get it. =/
04/27/2011 01:26 AMPosted by Bashiok

I will probably do the same to get the cooking dailies done. Bashiok, that reason holds no water against the reasons that have been stated against such portals. Players getting lost, did they somehow forget how to use their mounts? Which ever, its been done.

Well specifically for BC you could have played the entire expansion and still never purchased a flying mount, and if you timed it right you could have played all of Wrath and never purchased flying there either. That could be quite a bit of running, if you happened to even look up and know where you should be going to begin this whole Cata-whatever-it's-called.

We try to lessen or remove situations where someone logs in after a long time to maybe check out the game again, and sees there's some daunting task they need to begin before being able to really get back into playing.

One that still exists, at least for me, is bag clutter. I'll log into alts, look at my bags and bank, and be so overwhelmed I'll log out. Those types of situations are almost immediate stops to someone's desire to log back in or continue playing.

Anyway, to you or me, yeah it seems silly (how can they not know how to get back to Stormwind!?), to many past players though it's a legitimately helpful change to try to make it a smooth welcome-back experience.

And yeah, you guys can use them now too. Whatevs.

Another playe- I mean blue, with out bagnon


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