What are your early WoW memories?

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I love reading about this kind of stuff.

Some of mine involve hiding in Astraana while Horde attacked.
Going Horde hunting in Stone-talon, meeting another hunter and finding out what feign death was for and that it didn't work on Horde.

What are yours?
I had no idea what to do, so I named my first human warlock after a Pokemon

My friend told me about Stormwind and how their were fireworks, so the first thing I did was leave the starter zone, following a gnome while typing with one hand asking is perfect grammar, "Excuse me, where can I find Stormwind?" Of course, he never heard me cause I was like a few meters back.

And then, a defias found me and started to attack me. Confused, I right clicked to see what would happen. For some reason, she was doing more damage than me! :O Luckily, a warlock found me in time and killed her for me :D

When I first made my toon, somebody challenged him to a duel. I had NO idea what a duel was. When it said I was defeated, I had no idea what happened.
Leaving the starting zone of Northshire, only then realizing I had a while world to explore.

Someone giving me 2 gold and thinking I was rich.

i remember my friend having a druid and not knowing about shape shifting. did everything in regular tauren form. only used travel form.
bah.. good ol days
my first toon was a tauren warrior.
i remember tanking my first instance with a 2 hander. meh....
Nelf starting zone (my first toon) I remember how epic it all looked.
Oh and also when I said epic and didn't think of gear. lol
First thing was how much better the game ran than SWG, which I had been playing before trying the wow trial. And taming my first pet for the lvl 10 hunter quest. Being a long-time CH from SWG, it was very gratifying.
I remember having a friend who would drop whatever he was doing to come help me and my friends all the time when we were newbs. People like that are what I miss the most.
I also remember befriending a Gnome in Ashenvale, who then played with us every day.
Wasn't exactly mine, but I do remember my brother on his prot pally. His guildies took him(he was level 49ish at the time[this was late vanilla]) to the Crossroads and raided it. I remember like 10 people from each side just going at it. Looked really fun.
tarren mill/ southshore battles.. those were epic fun.
remember running in with 2 healers on me on my Warrior that had the Arcanite reaper ( which at the time was one of the best 2 handers ) and clicking recklessness and roflstomping everything.
I remember I logged in to the Valley of Trials thinking "Yeah, this IS the World of Warcraft!"

I remember questing my way to Senjin Villaje and Razorhill, then walking down that canyon only to come out to to the most awesome view I will ever see: Orgrimmar's Ramparts. Nothing I do in the game will ever compare to that moment.

And that was year, and years, and years ago.
I fell off a tree in south teldrassil on my rogue (lvl 6 at the time - lvl 85 now). Can't ever forget that. Ended up near Ruther-whatever.
5 years ago, I remember when i first started playing on the server, Llane. At the time i was playing as Horde, every 2 days what seemed to be the entire horde population would go attack westfall or some other Alliance town. I was barely lvl 40, but i was always welcomed to tag along and take part in the carnage. I've been pvping ever since :)

Oh how i miss true world pvp...
I sat for 45minutes or so, running around on a troll mage, frostbolting things.
i had just transitioned from Runescape, so i had no clue how to control my camera angle, or how to walk properly until i figured out it was like a FPS using wasd
then i stopped out of frustration with camera angle
came back two days later and decided to play a warrior and figured out the tricky camera angle business

Camera angle adjustment is now the first thing i tell everyone i bring into the game
It seriously screwed me up.
My first character was an ally. Ran from the NE starting zone to SW because I heard it was a better starting zone with quests.

Yes. I did it by myself.

That was when I realized exactly how large this game truly was.
Stepping out into this HUGE and exciting world only to find later on that it is filled with the worst examples humanity has to offer.
04/27/2011 07:21 AMPosted by Übermensch
Stepping out into this HUGE and exciting world only to find later on that it is filled with the worst examples humanity has to offer.

Made a level 18 lock. And I got to Westfall
I was so curious and my friend said we should try doing a Deadmines run, I was so excited and I wanted to see what this "Deadmines" looked like. So I saw a little campfire and stood their, waiting for my health to go down, I used life tap, and seconds later I died. Instead of going back to my corpse, I headed for the Deadmines, and I jumped into the little portal. I was still a ghost, so I ventured around the dungeon. (The first part, not the actual dungeon) but I fell down a hole. I was thinking "Yeah, this music is kinda freaking me out, and this dungeon wasn't what I expected, so I'll go back" and this was when the Return to Graveyard thing wasn't there. So I was trapped, for like an hour..
My first real WoW memory is doing that god forsaken poisons quest on my undead rogue in early 2005. That quest where you have to pick pocket and "assassinate" people with garrote? And then the elite guy would totally wreck your face. So frustrating.

I also remember getting my first green dagger quest reward at like level 5 and being psyched that it had stats. This is coming from a long time EQ1 ('99-'05) convert.. I was all excited when my dagger was no longer failmode.
04/27/2011 07:21 AMPosted by Übermensch
Stepping out into this HUGE and exciting world only to find later on that it is filled with the worst examples humanity has to offer.

You don't go out much, do you?

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