What are your early WoW memories?

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Upgrades, patches and expansions that did not make the game totaly unplayable.

ONE post. It took ONE post for someone to already try and poop on the party.
I had a ton of early/newbie moments. Wow was the first time I ever played this kind of game so I knew nothing. I came in right after the first month of TBC.

I leveled my warlock from level 1 to 23 with broken armor and had no clue why there was an outline of a man that was red and yellow.

I never entered storm wind or knew about it until level 20 I think. Goldshire was my home.

I never understood why sometimes ingot more xp than others.... No one told me to logout at an inn.

I ventured into the tram area by Stormwind and started running down the tunnel, saw the tram and turned around to run other way cause I thought I would get squished.

I got into tinkertown after surviving the tram ordeal and saw the doorway where the gears go up and down and timed it so it would not come down on me and squish me ( apparently I had a squish fear that day).

I tried to take on this big monster in Westfall thst was beating up the npc's only to figure out later it was a horde Tauren and he kept killing me over and over.

I got lost in Ironforge and could not find my way out.

When I had accumulated like 10gold I fought that will last me forever and I had a lot of money... That was destroyed the first time I encountered the auction house.

A really nice person gave me 4 x 10 or something slot bags. I will never forget how nice they were to me and I thought thet were the greatest person in the world. I had all this bag room and the price on the AH was really expensive. I had never met this person before.

A really cool person took me into SM and took on all those mobs in the cathedral and I was in awe. It was a Mage and it was awesome to see all that snow/ice storm and arcane explosion and he made it look so easy. I got tons of cloth and money and I knew I wanted to level a Mage the cause I wanted to be like him and destroy SM! Ihad never met this person before.

I sat and watched for 30 mins while someone danced and did not know how they did it, but I wanted to learn.

Those are just a few... But I look back at all these and smile!

( forgive any typos... The iPad and this website don't mix well so I can't go back and edit)

I used to be an Orc, and I had done most of the starting quests in Durotar, and was finally heading to Org, and on my way north, on the path, a lv. 60 was coming from Org and stopped and gave me 40s for no reason, and I was so happy. Lol.
To this day this mage (which was the very first toon I ever created) still wears the rich purple shirt that another mage I met, Gozinya, made for me. I was level 9 at the time and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Shirt is starting to smell after 6.5 years
I remember discovering how to toggle walk on.... I then proceeded to walk across the Eastern Kingdoms, just cause.

Paladins being absolutely powerless and being a chore to play with constant seal judge seal judge seal judge spam, and when I *did* finally get a group for a dungeon it was buff buff buff buff buff buff with a few attacks or heals thrown in.

Oh, and having to redo my own buffs every 5 minutes (blessing) or 30 seconds (seals).

Annoying as all hell.

And then I tried Warrior.... Kill something, eat, kill something, eat. Kill something, eat. Having to sit for 20 seconds+ every kill, or every other kill once I got to Lv25.
Sending my Voidwalker at a mob as if it could actually tank back in Vanilla. Watching it fail over and over still didn't prevent me from reaching 60 as destruction.

Then my second class was a beastmastery hunter, and everything was soooo much better.
04/27/2011 06:41 AMPosted by Smashgirl
Upgrades, patches and expansions that did not make the game totaly unplayable.

You were not here for the first 2 years of vanilla, where you?
A couple stand out:

-Day 3 of release someone started a raid to go kill horde in their starting area. We get a group of 30 of us or so and proceed to walk/swim/climb to the orc/troll starting area. Took a LONG ass time to get everyone there. So there we stood on that mountain behind the starting area. Looking down on we could see some guards and a few new horde toons. Well after about 15 min of waiting around someone finally says screw it. Jumps off the cliff into the orc starting area. Like cattle we all follow suit. Half of us die from the fall, the other 10 or so that survived the jump got promptly one shot by the guards. We rez miles away, raid disbands.

-About one month in we decided to try to kill some horde again one day. This time in Grom-gal. Not sure if you can do this anymore but back in the day as alliance you could sneak into grom, run up the zepplin tower and hop on. Then if you waited for the zepplin to leave and you timed things just right, you could jump off the zep and land on one of the towers in grom. We got 5-6 of us upthere one being a warlock. We then proceeded to summon people. When all was said and done there was about 30 of us ontop of the one tower in grom, nuking people from atop the tower. We actually lasted a long ass time up there before eventually getting cleaned out by horde (by then half the dumbasses in the raid fell off and got zerged).

I really miss those days, I talk to my buddies that are just getting into the game now, or missed vanilla and man I feel bad for them missing the game when it really was something special.
My very first character was a human Warrior, and I actually got her to level 22, somehow. I just remember having absolutely no idea how to play, what to do, I didn't know that there were talent points until right before I quit.

I was terrible, but it was fun! I was farming for Small Eggs, and selling them for 1g on the AH, got to 10g, and thought I was rich!
I started playing by myself no help or anything and it was my first MMO ever. I was completely lost when I started a few months before BC was released. My first character was a NE Rogue. Got him to level 25ish, but the things I remember most were:

-not knowing there was an AH so I only bought vendor gear and saved up for it
-never having enough money to even pay for training from buying said vendor gear so I had to pick and choose what abilities I wanted to learn
-I always got invited to quest with this random person and he would give me 2g when we were done. I'd guess he either felt sorry for me or was just being friendly. Either way I thought I was freaking rich!!
-not knowing how to talk in general/trade chat to ask for help

makes me smile looking back at where I started and makes me more eager to help others that have just started playing
Walking into Western Plaguelands at level 15 or so and seeing a big bear with a skull portrait. I thought for sure it was a raid boss!

Doing RFC for the first time and shadow bolting the highest hp mob, getting agro and dying and not knowing why....then getting really lost running back into the instance.

Learning that swiftthistle was a valuable herb and that I could make gold - not silver- selling stacks of it. I was at least level 50 before I learned what swift pots were.
Joing a raid in retaliation for an Org raid. Almost no highlevels ont he realm yet. We came up thru BB and were going to head north to attack Redridge, Duskwood, Westfall.... No one was level 40 in the raid and on the road out of BB the stealthed panthers and gorillas had a field day. Murdered us all and effectively CCed the raid into disbanding.

Good times.

Edit: The Blood plague from Hakkar that got into the major cities thru pets. Lowbies would be running around get it by bieng close to a lvl 60 infected toon and BAM they are dead. Cities cleared out for a while lol.

Waking up in Deathknell having no idea what I was doing, anxious to get out into the world and my shock at how easy it was to get dead once I was out of Deathknell's playpen.

But I've always liked restarting there if only for the nostalgia,
My early wow memories are of FUN.

My latest wow memories are of looking for my early wow memories.

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