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Hi, I was in heroic Zul Aman, and had just reached the final boss, when the server crashed. When I logged back in, I got kicked out of the group, and so lost all progress in the dungeon. Is there any way I could get back to the last boss?
Is that sarcasm? I think it is a good place to post it because the Baelgun server crashed, so I might as well post it on the Baelgun server forums.

04/27/2011 11:52 AMPosted by Aventhia
This is a good place to post this.
Unlike that nub pld No i'm afraid you cant return to the instance it has happend to me a few times. don't worry about that man/girl heshe has know how to idea how to get to heris forums
Nice spelling bro...
04/27/2011 05:24 PMPosted by Djqtlol
Nice spelling bro...

I'm confused bro what ya mean?
04/27/2011 08:46 PMPosted by Sudowoodo
Nice spelling bro...

I'm confused bro what ya mean?

nvm u mad

Why you mad though? And I had the same thing happen, you know what I did. Queue'd back up like any other player should yeah it sucks but deal. Also you should be posting this on technical servers not server specific posts. Basically these are for people of Baelgun to shoot the %##%.

Quoted because it's nice to see people that realize why I posted what I posted.

Bravo sir.

Umm we know why you posted but Being helpful is better than being... well you.
i lol'd

edit: gotta put response on top, derpderp
04/27/2011 12:11 PMPosted by Aventhia
ok new Baelgun meme, type your response first then quote it:

04/28/2011 08:31 PMPosted by Aventhia



%*@# now i'm confuse on what to Quote. /help
Here is what you do...You ask some friends to Come to instance, You have to make you'r own group and walk in Don't Que Just walk in But you must have a full group...Thats what you do
I was disenchanting a blue and lost my large brilliant shard, i want it back!

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