Cannot Dance While In Combat

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but i loved the combat silly dance :(

Interesting though that the standing idle animation for the female undead was finally fixed. The other day I saw my toon look suspiciously behind her and when she returned to the front, she didn't do her little reset glitch. Only took five hundred years to fix.
My friend and i just started doing arenas last week and he died and I couldn't solo kill the healer or the dps and he couldn't kill me so i wanted to dance just so he could kill me but it didn't work and i was sad :( so instead i went to sleep :) and cheered them
I guess we can't dance when we want to.

That guy with the silly hat lied. ;_;
Yeah it's pretty cool to fix things that where funny/interesting, but not fix other outstanding issues that break immersion.

.. Why. Oh Dear Draenei attack + chicken/dance. You'll be sorely missed =(
I don't even notice things like this but for everyone here who thought it was funny/silly - there must have been some insecure whiny dorky guy/gal complaining that other players laughing at them when this happened made them embarrassed/ashamed.

I never dance cuz this char is a belf and you know how embarrassing shameful it is. Gimme back my old UD snake charmer dance pls.

GOGO old character updates :DD
04/28/2011 04:13 PMPosted by Viktorgraves
Having said that, we realize there are plenty of other areas in the game where the art can get into a less than optimal state, and nobody should assume that we just don’t care about those – they are all on the radar.

Like female dwarves, for instance?


Its true though...
I really can't understand why so many people think things that are "goofy" or immersion-breaking are automatically "fun". Seems like some kind of junky postmodern view of things, where nothing "serious" can be "fun". Graphical glitches in a game break the sense of immersion that the developer is trying to cultivate, and make you that much more aware that you're playing a video game.

It makes sense that they'd try to fix things that contradict their intent, or reflect poorly on their product. While some existing players may find it funny, I would think that graphical glitches would give new players a poor impression of a game, particularly given how much people obsess over graphics these days. Then again, most of those sort of people already wouldn't touch WoW, because it won't stress their top-of-the-line video cards. Now there's a really bizarre metric for fun.

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