Best PvP Race for a Lock?

I'm tired of having a tiny bit of Shadow Resistance and Cannibalize. Help please? :D
Orcs are good for plus pet damage and the bloody fury or w/e its called, can't help you more than that.
Okay, assuming you're talking racials, using them to your advantage rather than "I wanna look the best killing my foes", then here is what I think (Im only gonna say horde, since this will help me out too when I go horde, i'll leave some one else to tell you the ally racials).
Orc: Like Natku said, you get bloofury, which increass your Spell Pow by X for Y amount of seconds. You also get Command, I think it increases the dmg of all of your pets by 5%. Although the demons are considered "minions" I'm sure they get the command benefit. If you like Demo orc sounds the best. Felgaurds do enough dmg already as is an extra 5% would be awsome. Def a nice + for PvP.
Troll : Idk if regen will help you squishy as we are now...The haste racial is pretty, nice, your own little Bloodlust. Uhh what else... Voo doo Shuffle (i think it's called) you wont notice so much since ur not the kite-ED ur the kie-ER. And if they do get to you in melee you should be fearing / coiling / or teleporting anyway. 15% less time on hamstring is stil alot of time for a warrior to chop us down. Trolls might be abit better for PvE.
Undead : I've had Cannibalize save my Forsaken toon's life many times in bgs / World pvp. Idk about the resistance xD. The WOTF racial is alright but it shares a 30sec CD with the PvP trinket. Then again in arena there are always places to hide / hug / LOS to not get CCed again for 30 seconds. The extra CC breaker is always good for PvP, and nothing can ever be perfect. Cannibalize and WOTF, more importanly WOTF, are good reasons to go Forsaken for PvP.
Gobln : Rocket jump to get away from your foes, and, it works! A forward disengage has saved my Goblin warrior's life multiple times. The extra haste can't hut, but it'll hurt ur targets :).
Blood elf : Magic reistance..hmm. Arcane Torrent. Some may argue that this is totally useless for locks. I've found this helpful On my Belf when I'm up against close mages (Alot of mages, mostly fire, but ive seen mages of all specs do this, come up to me in melee range and run circles around while casting instant casts / quick scorches, very annoying) Then Pssshhffft! 2 second silence, do whatI have to do, and then win! Of course, not just mages, every class, including warriors, get somehting that they cant cast due to silence. I've been killed on my warrior because I couldnt cast Fear shout / Piercing howl due to silence :P. The silence is awsome for when things come toe-to-toe. Good + for pvp.
All the races have it's benefits for pvp. I may be missing some facts, but this is what I think about all the (Horde)races. Hope this helps you. :D
Goblin is pro...the rocket jump has saved my ass countless times.

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