Known Patching Issue - Norton & SONAR

Technical Support
i turned off SONAR and im still getting the problem.

I uninstalled....again. and im trying to reinstall.
only gets to 7%ish now. fml.
i have sonar protection off and im still failing.
I turned off SONAR to get the updated tools the other day but when Norton did a full scan, it quarantined the file. It was located in the temp folder but I don't know if it had already implemented the update or not.
So i turned off sonar, and i was able to log in, but when sonar is on it kicks me off and start re applying a patch.
I dont know whats pc is freshly cleaned out and the updates and everything are still taking forever was hoping this would be better than my laptop but my laptop ran this wayyy faster...
Yea, i don't have Norton, only kaspersky, and i cant get the toold done. It gets like 1/12 done then freezes and timesout. So what do i do?
I need an way to get get past the "Norton Internet Security 2011" firewall so i can download the new patch. but the technical support forum doesn't have anything thing on this newer program and how to get around it. Can someone help me out with this?

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