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Don't waste posts feeding a big troll. Just express how terrible this change is, how not a single person in the game wanted it and we would of gladly told them this if we had known about it.

Or vice versa if you're a crazy person IRL and think being required to play this game more to do the same things you used to do before is a GOOD thing then please post some ridiculous thing that everyone else will ignore.
Love wow. Love PVP. But I do not love the change to the amount of arena points awarded per "win". As others have mentioned, we have alts and winning 20+ games per character is way too many games. I have a 2200 rating and I'm a casual but this change will seriously impede my ability to live a normal life outside of wow, PVP/Arena and enjoy other aspects of the game. Please reconsider the amount of points awarded per win or preferably revert it back to how it was.
I don't understand how they had a good idea with the old system and everyone was happy and then go against their own good idea?
Garbage, totally pointless, useless and retarded move.
Quote this if you agree.
It seems they have to offset the good idea they had with opening up regional battlegroups for arena with this absolute turd of an idea.
04/26/2011 10:21 PMPosted by Jrdyn
10 wins for epic gear is wrong? you get a piece of gear every two weeks then complain that you have to spend an hour 30-45 minutes on it. yes it sucks for the ppl with high ratings that need alot more wins to cap. but the 97% of players that find any random person to get 5 wins with has no right to complain about having to play the game for more then an hour a week to get geared. more whine, less play.

The problem i have with it is that with the old system if you wanted to get geared, and push your rating, and play a ton of games over the cap cause you have the time and thats what you want to do you could, and it was fun. But if you didnt want to do that, you could still get a decent set of gear in a decent amount of time, and it was fun. This system is no fun. The casuals who dont want to spend hours at a time on wow, the ex-raiders who took up pvp because it wasn't as time consuming, and hardcore pvpers with more than one class they pvp at a high rating with, are all going to have to spend more time to get the same rewards they have been getting, and i dont think many are going to enjoy it. Not to say 10 games is too much, but it needs to be 10 games no matter the rating.
Just pretend they divided valor by 5 and then "forgot" to list it, lol.
When I first saw this after an arena win I assumed it was a bug. Now that I know it's not I'm not renewing my subscription. I refuse to WIN 20 games to max out my points, then be forced to do it two more times on both of my alts. Knowing this company it'll be months upon months before it's changed if at all. See ya.
I believe Blizzard's rationale on making this change was to stop higher rated players from sitting on teams once they attained a certain rating (e.g. Reckful's 3v3 team). Just a guess. I don't believe Blizzard merely makes a change without thinking about how the change will affect the game. However, this change, in my opinion, was not helpful for the game.
The least thing wow pvp needs is more grind.
sure going to see a drop in subscriptions.
If you want to stop the top from being stagnant, implement rating decay for inactivity... done and done.
my concern is what about the people who are just starting to do arena's like myself? if it's harder to get the points, people are going to go for more seasoned players instead of newbies, thus thinning the pool of potential teams by a lot.

bad move blizz. it was hard to get into arena's. now it's impossible
In patch 4.1 the amount of Conquest earned for both Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds has been changed to a flat amount regardless of team rating, to 135 and 335 respectively. This change should of course have been in the patch 4.1 notes, but due to a fairly straight forward error, was not included.

The current reward now in 4.1 for winning an Arena match is 135 Conquest Points, and for Rated Battlegrounds it's 335 Conquest Points. We're currently evaluating these amounts as we believe they are potentially lower than they need to be, and we'll of course let you know if they need to be changed.

Here's my "evaluation": your development team gets an F

Seriously, who ever thought that 60+ games to cap conquest points was fun needs a whipping! Well, not that harsh but, you get the point! :)
Bad day to be bashiok lol

Everyone here has already said it. My only questions are why wasn't this mentioned earlier in some way, shape or form and WHY don't you get the input of PvPers when it comes to PvP content?

You are actively trying to hire Raiders to work as QA specialists, which is a good move. However not once have you attempted the same thing in regards to the single hardest thing to balance in this game? Do you see how ridiculous that is?
Thank you.

I have a close to 3000 cap, and have many alts above 2800. I will not appreciate having to play over 60 2s games to get a cap for a week and frankly it's a bit unfair, lol.

Is there any word on the arena issues, also?

MMR is bugged again with Team Rating. You don't lose MMR or Rating for a loss sometimes, yet your wins don't count but your MMR Skyrockets. Players who were previously 2400 are now at a 2900 Match Making Rating.

Can we get a 4.1 ladder reset to what it was on Monday night or a pause to the ladder, or something? Any update!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

2700+ here, we took 69 games to level to 2719, it would take me 22 or 23 games each week. That's around 34-35 games at our win/loss ratio. That's half of our 69 games. It took us around 9 hours to do those 69 games. 4.5 hours a week on arenas is a bit much.

It needs to scale with rating. I'm fine with 10 arenas, 4 rbgs a week, but 23/9 is not fine, not even close.
I'm sorry but I read your post on "human error" about not putting this in the patch notes. I'm not usually vulgar, but I call bull !%!! on this one. There is no way that you would make such a change with a rather large impact on time commitment to PvP without thinking about putting it in the patch notes.

This effectively ends my willingness to PvP competitively. I've had to deal with healers spam dispelling me. I'm not going to deal with that for 10 wins to get my points. I'll just say screw it and do PvE as I enjoy that far more.

Also STOP catering to RBG's. They are stupid. Arenas were just fine until you decided that you had to change it up and make RBG's more important. Overall a change that I 100% disagree with and loathe; especially since it means I won't PvP anymore. Thanks for removing that aspect of my play time.
04/26/2011 11:07 PMPosted by Chalëy
Also STOP catering to RBG's. They are stupid. Arenas were just fine until you decided that you had to change it up and make RBG's more important.

I couldn't agree more. This is a thinly veiled attempt to funnel the "arena only" people, if there is such a thing, into RBG's. Some like it, most don't. Stop shoving them down our throats.

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