Arena and RBG Conquest Change - Updated 4/27

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This is just one of many horrid changes from the patch. Revert.
someone needs to get fired :)
Please revert this change, I honestly don't want to spend 13+ hours doing Arenas every week to get capped - and I have several alts which I was also gearing with Arenas but that is just too much of a time sink now.

This change especially sucks for Casual players, which is probably over 95% of the Arena population.
My son and I combine for 14 85's, i raid but he doesnt b/c he's in high school so homework comes first, the only thing we've had time to do is squeze in our 3 crappy 2's teams we have for a little fun getting capped each weak. Our teams are terrible but we bond doing the one part of the game we can both squeeze in. With these changes that's gone for us too now...good job killing off fanbase blizz :-( At least his football season starts soon so we'll have that, was fun while it lasted
DO NOT WANT. Seriously with 4 85s and a soon to be 85 shaman not far away, this is way too much grinding to reach a cap each day with the small amount of time my arena partners are all on together
So basicly Blizzard wants mor double dps to play? If you play healer dps avg of 15-20min, and most teams have around a 50-50 ratio so 20 games it will take to get 10 wins, so 4-5 hours of arena required to get your points if your at lowest cap, so triple that at 2500+ cap? Hmm sounds you put a lot of thought into this 1.
Not a good idea at all.
i really dont belive this is going to get more players to do rated battlegounds. from what my expieriances have shown me, too many players wont do them this late in the season because of the fear of losing rating. and those who dont do competitive pvp, arent going to be persuaded anymore so due to this change. this if this was the goal, why not just change it to where ratings would start to drop due to inactivity like in the old battleground ranking system?
This change is pretty ridiculous. If your getting more then 2k points a week you need like 15 wins to get capped, if your running about a 50\50 win:lose ratio which is common if your holding rating steady means you need almost 30 games to get capped. Now addon that maybe your doing 2s for some points while waiting for 3s partners to log and you get stuck into some amazing 45 minute ties. How is that fair at all?
I do not even pvp and I think this is a horrible change. The only possible reason I can see as to why they would make such a change is to try to force their pvp player base to queue more. If everyone queues more then guess what? The queue times may go down. And heck, with the valor to conquest conversion you might even feel like you have to complete a random instance for your daily valor. Hmmm, that could even possibly help dungeon queue times as well! Either way it just does not make a good statement to your pvp community. :( When people begin to feel the grind becomes too great, then why do the grind? If you don't do the grind, then why even pay to play? :(
Just remake it 10 games played then not 10 wins played
Ugh, terrible change.

Point gain needs to scale with rating or you'll end with it being either stupidly easy (1-2 wins) to cap at low ratings or horrendously grindy to cap at high ratings (the current abomination).

If you felt it was too easy to cap for the week, change it to require more wins to cap (10 would still be on the high side imo, but I could see 7-8 wins required) but keep the number of wins required constant across all ratings. Yeah, people would still complain but at least it would make some semblance of sense.

It was originally 10 games a week to get points. In cata it is 5 wins. I would call those roughly equivalent. If playing at MMR you should average 50% w/l so ~10 games on average.

Why was this changed?
This is a discouraging change. I no longer feel like doing pvp anymore.
Lololol, read all the blue posts.. blizz is gettin kinda snappy :P I agree, horrible change, not even put on the PTR for testing or time for us to QQ :)

YAY MORE ARENA! But no really, only on your mains cuz u dont have time to do them on your alts. That is, unless you want to blow off all of RL.

I can hear Mike Morhaime now. "YES MORE WOW NERDS, YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE US!"

I was at a loss when my friend pointed me in the direction of this thread. Getting 5 wins already took several hours for me some weeks. I'll just be glad I already have most of the pvp gear I wanted. I certainly won't be doing arena again for a while.

What was the reason for the change, Blizzard?

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