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To a point I can see why the whine here but really 5 wins to cap is a little to easy imo.
who benefits from this change exactly?

-casuals who dont have time to log on alot are going to be forced to grind out at least 10 wins a week
-lots of people who have a cap above 2600 are going to have to play 15-20+ games to get capped (rofl)
- this discourages gearing alts

the fact that you can get arena gear faster by running heroics opposed to actually doing arena is pathetic

this change wasnt even on the PTR to be "tested" although bugs that were on the ptr for months somehow got transferred to live so im not sure this would have done anything

please revert this change or at least tell us your though process behind one of the worst pvp changes you guys have ever done
04/26/2011 09:53 PMPosted by Jakegrimm
This is a really sketchy move by Blizzard and as a loyal customer and fan I am ashamed by this. =(

Most have been responding in a completely negative manner to this *very* recent change, but without offering much for recommendations on HOW it can be changed. That's like saying "MOM THIS FOOD TASTES BAD IM NEVER EATING YOUR FOOD AGAIN" after a bad meal instead of offering changes.

I really do have to agree with the general populus on this one however. Having 4 level 85s myself, leveling a 5th, and trying to juggle work and school (yeah sure, the simple thing would just to say "well choose one or two characters to do arena on and stick to them") was already relatively difficult before this recent change, but now with the recent change, I'm afraid to say that it will not be possible.

It really makes me wonder *why* this change was even put into effect. I can completely agree that conquest points have been far too easy to obtain this season, but this change will have almost no affect on players who have been actively participating in arena this season. This change will merely make people begin to hate arena in general and I have a difficult time wondering *why* this could not be forseen.

It is already difficult enough to get arena points on many classes right now in the first 2-3 weeks of hitting 85, but with this change HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON, the discrepancy will hit astonomical levels; I know this because I've been through it on 4 characters thus far. Most players in arena right now, even at 1100-1200 mmr have near half-full sets of vicious pvp gear, and yes skill > gear, but when you're a "skilled" dps class in 0-800 won't be doign anything to the opposing team. The new change will just frustrate new players even more, to the point where they hate playing the arena aspect of the game. Is this part of of was intended with the change? I doubt it very highly, so I don't understand the change itself.


This recent change, in its current form, will simply increase the frustration of new players to the point where they will not want to come back and will make the worst part of high-level arena even more blatantly obvious (the fact that it feels more like a "job" than fun). Please Dev Team, revert this change, and reintroduce it at the start of next season so that the gear discrepancy will not make me have to choose which characters I want to play in arena each week, as I have grown to enjoy them all.

I heard Talbadar slipped this suggestion of change under Chilton's office door yesterday. You see, after his smashing success at destroying shadow priests, he figured he'd take on all of arena.
I dont mind the lower points per win, especially with the region-wide queue system making the wait times so low. I mind a lot that it doesn't scale. That part is pretty terrible.
04/26/2011 10:21 PMPosted by Jrdyn
10 wins for epic gear is wrong? you get a piece of gear every two weeks then complain that you have to spend an hour 30-45 minutes on it. yes it sucks for the ppl with high ratings that need alot more wins to cap. but the 97% of players that find any random person to get 5 wins with has no right to complain about having to play the game for more then an hour a week to get geared. more whine, less play.

Ten wins if your cap isn't over 1343.
Some people have higher caps, even people at 1800, I feel terribly sorry for anyone over 2k.
Also, raiders can get more than one epic every two weeks.
The way i see it this change its just to get more people to do RBG's. i actually think 5 wins a week was kinda low. Maybe 10 wins a week to hit cap would be better then 135 a win in arena. Now arena feels like a full time job with multiple toons. I hope it's not.
Also, I want to add that there's not really a reason at all why it shouldn't have been added to the patch notes months ago, and here's why:

This should have been an agonizing and thought provoking topic months ago....

Changes to Valor Points? Zomg tell everyone! Fancy interface! Discussion feedback, topics, COVERAGE!

Changes to Conquest Points? ... what conquest points?

The magnitude of the daily vs weekly cap of Valor Points was a kind consideration, not really making it easier (in terms of dungeons done) or harder, but more convenient.

Is the change to Conquest Points not far more sweeping? Isn't this something you would have wanted feedback on prior to getting probably thousands of tickets complaining about the change? It's a very very significant change. And quite frankly the community consensus seems to have been: It wasn't broke, why did you fix it?


04/27/2011 12:02 AMPosted by Cannedcorn
This is classic blizzard. They do a radical change like this to make everyone beg for 10 wins instead what we have now. That way when they change it to 10 wins instead of 5 like it was everyone will be happy.

Hmm... Well remember when they were nerfing feral mobility and there was 2k page thread about it? Well they don't have to see us mount a 2k page thread about the arena change thanks to the forums but in the recent patch they've thrown us bones that they should have in the first place.

I haven't been around that long but it's not hard to catch on to this. It's ridiculous Blizzard. Absolutely absurd to overnerf something then ease into a slightly lighter nerf. Some of us that play your game are adults and can see the bait and switch.

It's obnoxious that this wasn't discussed and can only lead a majority of the players to keep pointing their fingers at you. Big mistake.

BTW Bashiok. Your blue post about AFKers and Bots gave me great hope. Guess what I saw today in my battlegrounds? That's right... Bots and afkers.
04/27/2011 01:25 AMPosted by Goggus
Now arena feels like a full time job with multiple toons.

This is my main concern as well. The "choose between PVP and PVE" ideal has never really seemed so apparant.
Hmm, suggestions:

Let us buy BOA Conq badges with extra points per week to send to alts, ie you can go over the cap, but those are converted into BOA badges that when used, count towards the cap.

Have points ramp up for consecutive wins, those in bad teams that form just for points will struggle to win more than two in a row, good teams regularly go on streaks. So if you go W-L-W-L you might need 10 games, if you go W-W-W-W you might only need 5.
Also voicing my dissatisfaction of this change. Playing arena for fun and not for points made this season much more relaxing, and encouraged leveling alts.

Now it just looks like a huge grind.
04/26/2011 09:35 PMPosted by Aikona
What a horrible change. Let's make the game more grindy for no reason. It just makes it more tedious. Even more hell to go through until you get geared enough to actually be competitive.
its a good change. more people queuing per week for arena.
After reading through the posts on this forum and others concerning this change I have yet to find a single person in favor of this. The system had finally settled at a place that worked and people were happy.
Now this. I don't have any characters over 2k rating currently, but I do have a full time job, a full class schedule and I lead raids on the weekends. I also have 3 85s somewhere over 1500 that I've been slowly grinding up rating on. After this change I realize that I will probably have to stop playing arenas on at least one of my characters, maybe 2. My arena partners lead equally as full lives as myself and we really can't commit this amount of time any more. Rated BGs are fun, but I play on a server where there is quite literally 1 RBG team that cycles between 15 or so players twice a week. I don't see how this is fair or why you would even do this. It doesn't make any sense. The system worked.
The only possible person who could have complained would be a sub 1500 player who feels jealous at a high ranked player receiving more conquest points per win. And that is a pretty weak argument, in my honest opinion.
All the QQ in this thread is hilarious.

5 wins per week= epics was just ridiculous. This change was necessary. There's people running around right now with full vicious and they have no idea how to play their class just because they were able to queue 5 wins per week.

Winning 10-30 games per week is fair. It's really a good idea if you just stop and think about it. It benefits arena in many ways.

Seriously.. what is the deal with making the game more and more annoying? I've already quit raiding because that was annoying and boring me to tears. I refuse to do heroics because it's just an awful experience, so all I wanted to do was arena a bit and for that, I'll give you money every month. Now you want to make that annoying as well?

LOL this! how i've felt this whole xpac.

aside from it being the expansionless expansion. no new continent. just sit around in SW and wish there was still something fun or exciting.

still playing though! :-O

Some people have higher caps, even people at 1800, I feel terribly sorry for anyone over 2k.
Also, raiders can get more than one epic every two weeks.

can we start to get epics from looting players? :-D

If you don't want to put effort into epics then don't! just be happy with your bloodthirsty.
Thist glaring mistake will hopefully be changed. The overall lack of raiding/raiding positions has drove many to pvp while they wait for John Doe to finally call the raid after one wipe and wait for the next attempt on year. My point is, pvp is the awesome alternative to raiding. Juggling the two now seems impossible. I love the patch but this one tiny little mistake might cause a ruckus. I personally dislike the conquest cut but it's not my game and have no say in it...for now.

/pray for this to be changed back to the way it was.

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