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Mobile Bug Report
Starting yesterday and continuing on today I get an error when trying to log into the guild chat part of the app on my droid.
Guild Chat Error: This character is not a member of a guild.

The mobile Auction House works without a problem though, it's just the guild chat part of it that has an issue.
I have this error as well. It only works for the character I had selected at the time of the update, all other characters I get errors on.
I just posted in the wrong forum about this exact issue, but yeah I am having the issue as well, just started actually.

EDIT: I am using the Iphone app and getting this issue.
Just a heads up, logging in and out didn't work for me, but logging into the game client and then logging into the remote app before closing the game client worked.
Ditto, logging out/in didn't work, but I'm able to chat on an alt.
same issue on my iphone app. this toon (my priest) gives me the error "not in guild" but if use another toon, it works okay.

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