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i totally agree with u the game play is great and i love to play WOW but it would b nice if there was more newer graphics and less of same stuff just put in diff places we love ya blizz and love the game love what u all have done thus far and kno u all are under a great deal of pressure but maybe u all could find some time to make some new graphics instead of useing all the old stuff over and over :)
Hopefully the level cap will be achievable through questing, since my item level is extremely low for the zandalari dungeons... and cataclysm heroic.
We all know they will never really balance the game. Personally, I am not a raider. I find it trivial and non challenging and mostly a grind. I find joy in PvP. That is mostly all I do. I look forward to new content because its what I expect. If the game never changed, you would all be crying, and when it does, more crying. Get over it, and enjoy what you have!
04/28/2011 10:15 AMPosted by Vestibule
Does anybody else look at Firelands and think "Oblivion?"

PSH, so funny, How can anyone think about oblivion when Skyrims coming out.. xD
Ladies and gentlemen I mark the end of WoW....when blue post mention twitter at all...the world known as Azeroth will crumble, servers will fail, and GSP will be a spectaculr figher.
Only, pve news... NO pvp news!

The only pvp news r the nerf on pally ret, the big and not necessary pally nerf... im getting out of wow, cant play with pally ret anymore, the only two surviability habilitys r big nerfed, 20s wog cd, and 60s SS cd.... sad.... =/
I said this on the main article but I think it would be relevant to post it here, and trust I don't have a hate on for you Blizzard just my two cents:

I would have to say (reluctantly however) that this expansion isn't as much as I hoped it would be visually (with the exception of Vash'jir of course) and to a limited, extent playing-wise. Please don't get me wrong, it is a wonderfully enjoyable expansion in its own right! It just seems, however, that alot of the content is just reused/revamped from previous expansions a little too much. This saddens me as I love the artwork you all do over there at Blizzard, as I'm a sucker for originality. While I did enjoy the re-done Deadmines and SFK, I have yet to experience the "new" troll dungeons for myself (I'm sure they are well done though).

Furthermore, I really couldn't begin to imagine what it must be like from a designer standpoint, but I personally would rather wait a little longer for content that has a little more heart rather than reused/saved polygons and animations. Since you're most likely deep into the planning stage for the next expansion, I'm quite okay with what you've done thus far with Cata and sympathise, you guys are probably all really exhausted. With all of this going on it leads me to believe that you certainly do have something quite large for us on the horizon post-Cataclysm, and I gotta say, I'm rather intrigued. Please live up to my expectations. I know I'm just one person and my opinion probably isn't that much in the whole spectrum...but it does mean alot to me. Thanks.

*crosses fingers hoping a Blizzard employee reads this*

The following is related to my above statement:

Two images can sum up my feelings about this Patch.

For the Firehawk "re-hashed protodrake" walking animations:

Other than that for the most part:

You have to realize and you should have read what Blizzard had been saying. They made this expansion to give a FRESH start for players new and old. They don't want you to make an alt and be bored with the same quests over and over and over or use dungeon finder and go through the same thing each and every time. They want to refresh your experience. Also pretty much 90% of the players of World of Warcraft opted for a fresh start style of change. I mean would you rather have to make a alt and do the same old boring quests versus making a new one to see the world change before you? I choose change, and in this case, I'm liking this change, they are still giving the majority what they want. Blizzard doesn't do this on their own. We help shape their choices with our feed back. Give them more of the same feed back, they might change something. Just an opinion.
ah betsky
Fix the battleground queue please. It's only been malfuctioning for 3.5 months now.

There going to be a PTR for this content? if so, any estimate as to when?
Wow epic series upcoming this looks awesome!
Know whats really broken, balance druids playing pvp. Boomkins need to be fixed so that they are viable characters to play in pvp.
Very Nice :)
Are we going to be able to buy valor points with conquest points, we can do the reverse and buy conquest with valor, so only seems logical we should be able to buy valor with conquest. Some people said it was supposed to be like that in 4.1 but that did not happen, or hasn't yet.
04/27/2011 06:31 PMPosted by Wirethrone
So does this mean you're going to balance PVP?


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