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Give Elemental Shamen much needed help by buffing Fulmination so once specced into lightning shield charges generated by Rolling Thunder will NO LONGER DROP by TAKING DAMAGE, only dropping by being consumed once used by Earth Shock.

Take back the other "buffs" we just got if you wish, I'm sure all of us would benefit from this one thing much more.
CAnt wait intill t12
you really think these 2 new crappy dungeons are gonna hold people over "
the coming weeks and months ahead.

good luck.
Yayy..... Paladins get to wear dresses again! naw but actually its pretty cool looking.
Hey this is is happining right now our realm is going down multiple times withing several minutes can you please fix it blizzard
Seems pretty cool, I just hope that the recent issues created by 4.1 get resolved. The random drops from the server among other things.
you know what would be awesome to add in this, or an upcoming, patch?
think of this new regular dungeon with heroic modes, Caverns of time, Day of the dragon
players will help Rhonin, Vareesa, and Falstad fight thru the old orcish horde who are actually infinite dragons, while trying to find the demon soul to weaken deathwing so the aspecs can send him off to deepholm, based on the book Day of the Dragon by Richard A. Knaak
  • .......but nice
    When can we expect the other class's perveiws? :S
    wow, our rogue gear is hideous. as usual.
    4.2 proabably go out in summer
    05/01/2011 06:32 PMPosted by Iownhordes
    4.2 proabably go out in summer

    i wouldbt be bothered if it was in the mid summer festival to be honest, kind of fitting for OMG FIRE to come out then
    I think the mage and rogue tier sets look weak compared to the other ones released
    Now there is a new Plate thread for making paladin's robe?

    Here's a Tip.
    Delete mage tier, and give it paladins then make a new paladin Tier... Oh. A PLATE ONE!!!! or if you wanna make tailors craft plate gear, go ahead.
    So with 4.1 you introduce the beloved cap for points per week. As Ii am not in a heavy radi guild, and will rarely see the inside of a raid untill after i9t is obsolete. i thank you again blizzard for making what owas once an ok game worse. Now, if i cannot get th points i neeed before reset, I lose what points i had earned the previous week. Now it is inpossible for m,e to get my 359's sice every idiot that cant heal and wannbe tank that cannot hold aggro is now queing cause of your dumb call to arms. I have nothing. thankyou for making this game completely uinplayable. So then I have to aks why should i give a damn about 4.2?
    Please fix 4.1 before you do anything new.
    can't wait
    sick cant wait for that ganna love it :))))) thx blizz i love u guys lol
    SO..... When can we see the Shaman t12 gear i am so excited to see it :D.

    I really like what your doing with things blizzard, your looking good with this new 4.2 patch preview.


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