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Can't wait.
me to!
I held off this long to comment even though trade chat runs rampant regarding Blizzard, WOW, and Cata doing their best to push out the "casual" player to be replaced with hardcore raiding guilds. By casual, I do not mean hanging out at the mailboxes or AH in SW talking in trade chat. Within a two month's time, most Level 85's have completed all the Cata quests and explored all the new zones, leaving bg's, TB dailies, working on achievments, leveling up professions, and farming as the main gameplay. For those, who do not participate in bg's, and a large majority of players DO NOT, that leaves very little game for us. I feel that the casual player does not have a voice; they are overwhelmed with guild recruitment ads centered around 10-25 person raids, classes with such and such stat requirements, this or that piece of equipment, applications to fill out to be invited into a guild, etc. Now, I am reading that even more of the same is being released in the next patch. I am here to let Blizzard and raiders know that we exist and probably make up the majority of WOW players.

I have gone back to WOTLK, which, by the way is still BY FAR the most exciting, interesting, entertaining expansion, containing the most original storyline since the creation of WOW. The zones are challenging, as well as wonderous, disturbing, charming, or beautiful-each one unique and well-defined with a definite purpose that moves the story along. The NPC's are fascinating, fully developed characters with a history and stories of their own to be told. And, lastly, the music makes the feel of the areas come to life. The Cata music is bland and does not seem to fit the zones [although I must give kudos to the new music in Tanaris].

Thank you all for reading this piece. I would very much like to hear your responses - fore and a'gin. ~Zeth~
Bash! how did u get the animated portrait on the forums?! post link plx
look im part of the conversation :D
Im kinda curious,the legendary staff,do u need to complete BWD/BoT/T4W on heroic or are just the regular versions enough?
Umm When is this PTR comn out?
oh my god... pls remake desingners off all tier previwss.... very fail...
I hope they stop 'Nerfing' Druids.
Reading every bit of this made me hungry. Each of you owes me a taco now. YAY TACOS!!!!!
Is firelands gonna be the only raid for 4.2, or is there gonna be more kinda like the beginning of cata? i just dont want to kill rag and nothin else for 4.2, it may go by to quick. other than this im super excited about 4.2 and I cant wait to see warrior t12. Blizz you rock!
Buff svv hunters plz
t12 right now is what people say is t11 Heroic gear from HBWD n stuff. =P
I think this is a real cool and fast thing u guys r doing thanks BLIZZ!!!!!
I don't think it is fair though that u only r including some of the classes in the new quests.
Here's the deal... Wow players get excited about new content, but are usually let down by bad latency, constant and unannounced restarts or disconnections shortly after each patch. We don't need back to back patches with new content. We would much rather you focus on one patch and getting it right so when you release something we can actually enjoy it.
So, rets don't suck at PvP? I'm confused.
We only suck at PvP AND now we have a cooldown for WoG, you guys HAD to complain, LIKE WE DON'T SUCK ENOUGH!!!
Frost mages got better this patch? Dayum...

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