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does anyone else want the ring of valor to be an actual arena in org? What i mean is to be like gurubashi, completely open and whoever walks in can fight each other. I think everyone would use it. It would be fun to just jump in and start fighting or just watch. with a "horde only" rez spot of course next to it.

"but what if alliance just pick off people with low health?" put guards around area like in dal where the teleport alliance out and stun for 5 secs :)

anyone else for this?
what about profession mainly JC and Inscription any new resypies
ooooooo Maybe its time to try a PTR =D
Can i ask u why, its teasing u its just pvp ftw screw tier 12!

thank u blizz for making pvp! without it i wouldnt play, IF U KNOW WHAT IM SAYING

I just want to down bosses =)
Could you fix the current problems before coming out with another patch that's going to break more stuff
Looks pretty cool bring it on!!!
We are going to own this Noob
great! now only if somemore people will join my guild cause im the only one
LoL I just find it funny that exactly 7 days ago 4.1 went live and people are actually complaining that it will only be afew months before 4.2. Take a look at content addon history its never been this fast. Get some patience.
All looks awesome. I can't wait for T12 :D
05/03/2011 08:36 AMPosted by Ancev
PLEASE fix Arcane Mages...this is ridiculous.. I'm constantly out of mana now and Mastery/Mana Adept is broken. Is Mage Armor + Glyph broken as well?

1st of all get better gear before you start complaining about mana issues.Also if your runing out of mana fast use less arcane blasts.
I say that before 4.1 and I say again
in the way people raid in Heroic dungeon
you need to increase the mana Combat Regen to all heal classes
because in the way it is now is unacceptable

If you have problems With combat regen,get more spirit.You complain that its unacceptable yet you reforged your spirit for haste.
A new patch already wow that was fast i like the new guild finder it help me with my belf
05/03/2011 02:57 AMPosted by Zethrael
Hear hear! I can't believe I'm paying $15 a month and am constantly locking up. Blizzard tech support tells me it's my hardware, but I wasn't having problems BEFORE the patch... and I meet or exceed the minimum hardware guidelines. SIGH.

I can't believe I am hearing another freeze up story ... all along I was told it was me! Thank you Hazellia for bringing it to everyone's attention that are having the same difficulty and are being told it's their computer!

They're saying it's me too. I'm getting rather sick of it!

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