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To stay with the topic : my Rogue friend told me that Valor Points are going to be removed, & we can purchase iLVL .359's with Justice Points?! Anyone else believe this?, or at least does it sound "catchy"?!?! *serious replies please*
when you reach level 85? or when you reach the Gear Requirement level? Both? Pick your choice (as for me IDC about raiding, waste of time if your guild isnt active...also rumored to be breeding grounds for hackers who abuse the ventrillo system to hack into OTHER people's accounts.........)
Recently read up on 4.2 War Games notes. One good question for the Devs if they'll pay attention: are they making the BGs and Arenas where you have to do them like normal(eg where there is the level limitations...BG brackets, Arena teams are same lvls...etc etc) or are they allowing the teams to be of different lvls and brackets?
I don't know if this is the right place for this or not. But come on Blizz. Increase on rogues? They already pretty much one shot people in bg's. Plus increase on mana for holy pallys spells come on they already eat our mana what am I gonna have to do stack spirit? Then we have the mana regain wth 50% decrease on our heals when no other class has a decrease to heals for their mana regain. And nerfing Priest lmao I already know a few people that quit their priest because they suck now. And Nerfing warriors why come every single patch that comes along you nerf them? And bg's match up can't you fix that? 5-6 rogues in one bg COME ON I would like to get out the graveyard without having 3-4 of them stabbing me in the back. Fix the crap its ruining the game. And instead of letting bugs sit there for months FIX them. I am tired of almost everytime I change toons I dc. Give us what we pay for! We're not only here to fatten your wallets you know. All I can say is let the nerd rage begin.
Personally, I can't wait! I probably won't be raiding due to time constraints but the new questing line has my complete attention!!!!
So a single raid with 7 bosses, and more dailies.

That's supposed to excite me?
The new concept looks amazing and can't wait for it to be release but there is not an indication of when this will happen. My guild thinks the patch will happen next week but I don't see that happening. Can you just give us an idea of when?
Dang, this makes me want to eat a big old tijuana taco! cool cool.

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