Patch 4.2 Previews!

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I was hoping for the Touring Rocket fix with the eject button in 4.1 ...
I see it never got fixed, it better be fixed in 4.2
I am personally very happy that this content is not being rushed! Keep up the good work!
awesome :D
Are they going to be balancing how caster weapons are treated as far as what healers have and damage (or just remove spirit from healer weapons)? Is there any plan on fixing the backbone errors in the dungeon finder?
Pretty sweet.
i cant wait until patch 4.2 comes out but its makes me mad that i havent been able to long in at all :( but awesome
Ok, so we have new instances and new raiding content coming out. I for one am excited about that. With that being said, I have really enjoyed the Rated Battlegrounds. Can you please loook at a new type of pvp for us that is NOT capture the flag or capture the base and does not include vehicles.

I know pvp is not the main aspect of the game but more battlegrounds with a different goal would be fun!!!
wow nice!
Trying to log on to play and it say that it is downloading new patch then locks up and says "Fail to download information about next patch. check your network connection". checked all firewall setting and internet working hving no problems there. just keeps locking up with the same message..thank you and please contact me at
04/27/2011 06:31 PMPosted by Wirethrone
So does this mean you're going to balance PVP?

When will this patch come out? cant wait!
Hopefully it won't be as big of a patch as 4.1. I was very irritated at the size. Why is the game almost 30 gigs now? It's great to have new content for people, but slow down on the patch sizes. Some people don't have the space to install 9gb patches.
Fix Rets, they're bad
Looks sick
i cant get on it !*#@ it says somethin bout new tools

For The Horde!!!!!
Now if only you could fix 4.1 instance issues. Maybe not fumble when you release 4.2 as well.

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