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04/27/2011 06:04 PMPosted by Darhath
in the coming weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned!

QQ ;(

Really? What did you expect? Have we not had years of experience with Blizzard and their patches? Come on guys, if this is really a surprise for you, ignorance must be bliss.
gogo Bashiok!
Im sorry blizzard, but....Look at the T12 could you think that looks good? Please....PLEASE fix the helmets. I dont like looking at my character's face (Character's Face<My toe) and I like the way the Mage Helms look atm. Please make it look cooler than something out of Spartacus, or something related to the Roman Empire. Thank you! My single opinion may not matter...but im sure there's of - no, ANY mage out there will feel the same way. Please fix it.
-With tough love,
Fixed spelling.
I don't like the T12 sets so far. I know it's just my opinion, and it looks like a lot of effort went into them, but... Meh.
Show next Season PLEASE!
the pally t12 looks sick however we wear plate, not cloth, please stop making us wear skirts; however, i do like the helm and shoulders.
Blizz, I have to say that I have been playing your games since Diablo 1 came out, i played that all the way thru, same with D2, SC and SC2, and now Wow. Out of all the time I have spent playing your games, downloading all the games, patches, and getting expansions, Ive come to expect that I may have to wait a little longer to get them then I would like, and I may have to pay a bit more then other games, but that when I get it I know it will amaze me.

It just seems you have stepped away from this a bit lately with wow. Instead of that, "we will push back something as long as we need to until we feel it is outstanding and impressive in every way attitude," you had, there now seems to be a bit of laziness. I have to agree that alot of the cata/recycled content, really just looked like a fast way to appease us without having to do a whole other expansion. Think about it, TBC - WOW!, Wrath - CRAZY!, Cata - Eh.

Dont misunderstand me though, I love what you have done, and you definitely needed to shake azeroth up a bit to get people to revisit their roots and why they loved the game in the first place, but I think it would of been more appropriate to have added the zones, changed the landscapes, and altered it for flying in a large post Wrath patch, all while you were working on an actual expansion, now that would have been epic and very representative of the blizzard I know and love.

So I guess all I am getting at is that 4.1 is as well mostly just recycled content, and once again it looks just like a way to appease us till you can get something better out, all in all everything thing since the end of Wrath just seems like its been rushed, and the Blizzard I know would never rush anything, If anything at all they would postpone it to tweak one last thing. I would of much more preferred to wait another 2 months for 4.1 if it had all the content from 4.1 and 4.2 put together in it and was bug free and ready to go, instead I got it much earlier half of it mostly recycled content and filled with bugs and it just felt rushed.

Since it is now to late to go back and do any of that, please just take our advice straight from the consumer. We love the quality you guys represent, and if we have to wait a little longer to play a major content patch or expansion, then we will wait, you dont need to throw us a scrap of recycled content that is halfassed, or release what could of been 1 great expansion in 3 segements just so it seems like you always have something new coming out. We will wait, we very may well #%@%# about it in the meantime, but as sure as a rogue will stab you in the back, we will be there when it comes out and be happy about how completely amazed we are with the quality, quantity and sheer greatness of it, and the knowing the blizzard we know and love is back.
Pretty kool sounds like fun thanks the the info xD
Will patch 4.2 be addressing this, as noted in the 4.1 patch notes:

•Priest Known Issues
•The Shadowfiend summon does not always attack targets effectively.

Looks pretty sweet i must say.
I tend to agree with Swiftdoom on cata and I also hope a blizzard employee does indeed read that post. Well said.

In this upcoming patch, I hope BLIZZARD fits in time to bring back Quivers for Hunters. It looks terrible how Hunters who use Bows reach for thier back for an imaginary arrow then fire it. Just bring back the Graphic for Quivers!
sweet looks awesome but will the new gear cost valor points or some new emblem, or even just random drops from bosses?
what about making Bin account stuff mailable cross servers? That way I could play with my nephews on a different server.

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