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sounds really neat and i cant wait till comes out. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :) :P :P : P :P :P :P :P :P :P :( :P :P :P :P
Apparently u have to complete all cata raid content to do the new content in 4.2!?
I thought I read there was X amount of time to wait for que, if time surpassed something like 12 minutes, you got free valor or honor reward for completion.

Am I imagining this, am I mistaken or was this scrapped? Or, are we just supposed to forget about this rather important selling point?

For the record, in my experience que times are shorter which is excellent, just curious to know what the story is behind this.

I remember it being a rather good sell point for the call to arms for the sake of more tanks, heals and shorter que times.

Hope I can gear up in time for this =P
Hmmm, a lot of things were "explained" you say? Well, one of the main issues that players have with Blizzard is that these "explanations" are often buried or word of mouth from outside websites because players simply cannot find the information on That's not a knock per se; just a simple fact. The information might be here, but it gets lost in the forums or is not the first thing list in a search that pulls up 20 pages of possible articles or posts.

One of the best features with the new loader was the links posted to the updates. That has made it easier for people to see important information as soon as it's made available.

As I listen across a number of servers to players, the biggest cause of unrest seems to stem from lack of information. Part of that is on the players for not reading the pre-release notes on the patches and part of it is not being able to find information. Sometimes when going back to find something that I read in the notes, I cannot recall which articles or post it was in, and the search tool brings up more pages of possibilities than I care to spend time sorting through.

Big things and small things... information dissemination is always key. Sometimes, the small things, like the 10th icon on Archaeology, leads to big grumblings as posts spread that a GM said it was content that would be unlocked as a player progresses in Archaeology, and yet another says a GM said it is for possible expansion into another race at some future date.

I try to stay on top of the notes and encourage guildies to read up... or at least hear me out as I relay some of the important things that they should plan for pre-release... such as instead of blowing JPs on expensive stuff they don't need, just to spend them, to save them for maelstrom crystal purchase.

Bottom line is the info is often perceived as missing or lacking in detail by players... even by those who try to stay caught up on the notes and posts.
lol if you're a "suck for originality" as you say, then you're definitely playing the wrong game to begin with, even the "original bosses" aren't brand new ideas from Blizzard. The old god bosses are all from other games and companies along with a large majority of other ideas. The only thing that Blizzard does is implement them well and brings different ideas together to mesh in one large world environment.
PLEASE add dailies in Hyjal!!!
well I hope that ill have the chance to go for the Legendary Staff im a staff nut.. With things the way they are Tanks q'ing then disapearing after they didnt get there drop on a boss and not being able to raid as much it might b impossible Seems as tho most of the raids on Zuljin are for the Anal Raiders" you have to have a specific dps , no , mistakes, and they try to tell you How to play your toon..ehhh i dunno..this addon recount is destroying the game i think..nvm dont pay attention to anything i said i have raid deficiency
just my thought but should u all at blizz be more focus on fixing the bugs from patch 4.1 then making more stuff to add it just seams like that would just add more bugs and keep us off the game more win u all tury to fix it

just a thought
ps blizz i still love u
Really nice going to enjoy this :)
to whomever said that 7-9 bosses wasnt enough for a full teir of raiding .. well ToC had 5 bosses and was a full teir of raiding .. your wrong on that one
Does this mean I get a free cookie?
Not sure if anyone else is having this trouble. But my game crashes alot. After I load the game and ID/password then start my game crashes. And when I final do get the game to start about 3 mins into the game it shuts down. I have no addons at all and no UI frams. so this shouldnt be happing.
it is sick!
There is no such thing as "balance" in PvP since anything blizzards does, gamers will find a way around. That's how battle is, you try to find an advantage and exploit it. If you really want a "balanced" battleground, get a bunch of level one warriors in rags to pound each other with those nifty boards that have nails in them (there should be an epic weapon like that). What blizzard does, and I respect them for this, is change up the abilities in the battlegrounds so people have to find new ways to gain an edge.

"There is no such thing as a perfect vault. If you build it, someone is inevitable going to find a way to break into it, it's human nature."
I think as well that it's hard to find information about the game. You only get redirected alot of useless chatter. But how ever they is time we login to look up stuff and find it right away. But its not often. For instance I needed to talk to blizz on the phone about my account. it took me around 2 hours to finaly find it because. It only list things to try to fix your issue or an email. i think if you have a contact page it should like about contacts instead of ways of adding alot of useless content. Keep it simple Phone - Email - Office hours and so on. then list all the content you want to fill the page up.
How about the 20 sec cooldown on WoG would you change that probably not im guessing

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