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it would be nice if in the next patch you could actually make balance druids usable in pvp...
Can't wait for Warrior t12
04/30/2011 07:57 AMPosted by Leika
it would be nice if in the next patch you could actually make balance druids usable in pvp...

They r. U just need to know which abilities to use. A balance druid in my arena team is AWESOME.
go horde!
well once again looks like they are doing nothing to help warriors they first nerfed 27% of our damage capablility and this last batch more or less made mastery worthless when are they going to give us something good that't possible kill us and accutly benifits us
there should be 5 bosses in the next raid. atleast thats what video said.
it would be nice in the next patch if blizzard stopped catering to people who only want to PvP, and quit nerfing useful resources that are beneficial in raiding situations..
Awesome and all...but can we has our roar sounds back? ><
Thanks for the preview.

Now only if you would release t12

Yes, let's release t12 gear 4 months after the new expansion comes out, assuming that everyone has 10 hours a day to devote to this game and already has their whole t11 set..makes perfect sense..why does everyone like to just BLOW through content. I don't know about everyone else but i actually like to sit and enjoy playing the game, and have time to actually absorb what is going on at the same time.
they are
@Soreni: There are 7 bosses in the Firelands. 6 bosses leading to Ragnaros, and then 2 different versions of Ragnaros himself (one for normal mode, one for heroic). This is listed in the preview of the Firelands raid.
dis is gonna be epic
Sounds pretty awesome! Can't wait!
Any release date for the PTR?
Quicker release? looks me more..."Quicker" lol.
We have these and other previews planned, as well as the full PTR announcement and notes, in the coming weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned!

I repeat, MONTHS. Seriously, this company banks and they can't put it out a little faster? This content patch seems weak so far.

Ready to quit, I did the ZG/ZA and got everything in there in like 4 days. lol (well, not the Amani bear yet, but still.)
more raids ' more dungeons ' more more more

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