Dear Blizz, I quit!

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What's almost just as funny as reading the people's replies to didn't get it, is looking at all the deleted posts in this thread. Some nerd reads the first 2 sentences, types an angry reply, reads a few of the other people's replies who got it, goes back and reads the OP, and deletes his post.

It's teh lulz.

I no rite
so many fail replies......

How did the troll fit in that dwarf costume?
So I have about 10 level 85 toons in ilvl 350 or better gear. I've grinded every possible rep, chased every achievement, geared up every alt. I raid with all of my toons. I do Arena with all my toons. I play about 70 hours a week unless I pretend I'm sick and call in at work on patch day, then it's more like 79. I've dumped thousands upon thousands of hours into this game, which I constantly cry and moan about, yet have been completely unable to quit, despite repeated threats.

Now I find out that, in order to get all of my alts the best PvP gear available, I have to get twice as many Arena wins as I did before... WHAT?! How dare you?!

My time is valuable. Do you think I have the time to spend 80 hours a week playing instead of 70?! What the hell gave you that idea? Was it my 10 max level toons, or the fact that each of them have well over 100 days /played?

I should be able to down every piece of raid content on all my toons as well as gear out all my toons in the best PvP gear available each week because I feel like I am entitled to it. I pay my $15 like everyone else!

Well I've had it up to here Blizz, and this time I mean it: I QUIT!

Until you propose a new content update that just sends me new gear in the mail every time I log on, I refuse to play more than 60 hours this week. I will wait about 4-6 weeks, 10 TOPS, to see if you follow through on this, and then I swear, I quit! I am done!

Well, I enjoyed it, but let's not rile up too many more, shall we?

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