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I'll continue to edit this post as I find more aspects of it need revising.

To begin, everyone must understand that focus-fire is absolutely necessary in many occasions, as well as quick CC if you have it(Having a tank who has all of the marks bound to F-keys is exceptionally helpful as well). Go over which marks stand for which actions prior to opening the gates(moon means sheep, triangle mean repentance, etc).

Our first group comp was Bear Druid(Me), Ret Paladin(Livann), DK(Zetsuei), Arcane Mage(Wisepimp), and Holy Paladin(Tps). We’ve swapped healers to a resto druid for a completed run as well, and there was no significant difference. Though this timed event could be completed with anyone, having a mage is exceptionally helpful.

To begin:
After killing the initial trash that charges you when you open the gates, try to stun the second elite to die, to avoid the DoT that they put on the tank. This means the tank will have a higher chance of being at full health for the next part of the encounter.

Eagle Gauntlet(Akil’zon):
As you're running down the stairs, to the common area of ZA, avoid the 2-pat(Juggernaut/Archon), and proceed into the Eagle gauntlet. I charge all the way to the top, pulling 3 packs of the mobs, de-mount, and single target each healer down, then AoE the melee mobs. I pop CD's when I do this so the healer can catch up and won't be overwhelmed by incoming damage. Chain pull the rest of the mobs leading to Eagle, should only get one pack of the "extra" 2 melee mobs that charge in due to the gauntlet, and we only got 3 packs of the eagles that are summoned due to the Tempest(Big guy on the stairs).

Kill Akil’zon, wait a few seconds after pulling to establish threat, then use TW/Lust/Hero so that it can start it's cooldown. Mount up as soon as the boss is dead, don't bother with loot, or releasing the caged NPC. You can worry about the welfare 353’s after you get a bear(They will still be there).

Bear Boss(Nalorakk):
Make your way to bear boss, run around(avoid) the 2-pat from earlier. Pull the first part of bear-boss trash into the area where the 2-pull of bears are at(This keeps you safe from the 2-pat that we’ve now skipped twice). Sheep the far bear, and tank the near one. Kill axe-throwers first, then the bear, then the other guys.

Hug the left side of the doorway as you move into the next part of the gauntlet, so you don't immediately trigger the 4 adds running down the stairs. Mark the healer as a CC target, or first kill target. Note that your CC's won't work until the mobs are off the stairs. CC the healer/totem guy for last if possible, kill axe throwers first, then kill the knockback guys. Warstomp is pro for this pull.

Run up to the next pull which is two bear riders, kill one to 40%, stun, and continue to kill it. By stunning this mob, you won't summon the "bear" to come and fight you. This applies to all bear riders.

Next pull is the 4-pull(2 bear riders, 1 healer/totem guy, and 1 axe thrower). CC the healer, kill the axe thrower, kill the bear riders just like the last pull, then kill the CC'ed healer. Once the healer is down, allow for combat to drop so people can start drinking, and pull.

Kill Nalorakk, don't loot, mount up asap. Watch out if you have a DoT on you at the end of the fight, this could lead to a tank getting really low prior to realizing it.

The next trash is somewhat randomized, and not nearly as static as the rest of the dungeon, so there is no clear-cut way to handle it.
Rules to follow:
SCOUTS MUST DIE. Biggest rule.
CC/spellsteal/interrupt flame casters, or they'll **!* you.
Be weary of knockbacks.
Assign kill orders to assure this trash is locked down and controlled.

Crowd control is paramount during this phase of the dungeon, this is where most people will wipe, and lose their chance at a bear.

Dragonhawk Boss(Jan’alai):
After the pull, burn hard until hatchers spawn, kill one hatcher, and let the other go. Have your tank pick up the dragonhawks as they come out. Cleave-AoE should easily kill dragonhawks while you burn this boss down. Pop hero/bloodlust/timewarp after the first hatchers spawn. By the time one side's adds are dead, you should hit P2, so all of the other adds are being released and the tank needs to grab them, pop CD's, and finish it all off. AoE adds first in P2, then easily knock out the boss. Don't loot, mount up, and run.

The next trash varies slightly, you can either go straight ahead off the dragonhawks platform, where you'll encounter a 2-pat that is easily avoided, or you can run off to the left jump down as if you're going to the central area of ZA, and the run up into the woods into a pack of panthers. We run into that pack of panthers, as we don't have to even pay attention to the 2-pat this way. Either way, you have to pull one pack of the panthers before you can progress.

At this point, it’s exceptionally helpful to either have a DK, Shaman, or water walking elixirs to allow you to walk on the lake on the way to lynx boss. This will allow you to skip a pat of a Beast Tamer and 2 Crocs. DK/Shaman work best, if you can’t do this, simply kill the beast tamer first, CC crocs, and stun them.

Have your tank lead for the next three pulls, and remove all HoTs. AoE the packs of "surprise" panthers. You now have one pack of mobs between you and the lynx boss.
On this final pull before lynx boss, make sure your tank is in front, so a healer or clothie doesn’t get the proximity agro when the mobs run down the stairs.

It's best to pull one panther, run back, and have CC handle the two humanoid adds if possible, if not, kill the humanoid adds asap. This pull as wiped us before, so take all precautions, CD's, etc. Kill this, run straight into the boss room, and pull the boss.

We just burnt the boss, and killed lightning totems. Your tank needs to be moving the boss before he finished the cast for a water totem, so that the boss doesn't get a single tick of it. Don't waste time killing water totems, and your ranged can stand near them for minor heals. Just kill the boss, and the lightning totems. Then collect your new Amani Battle Bear!

If you have any questions for the run, feel free to contact me in-game or on my guild site's forums at

With this exact strategy, we're finishing the bear run with 4 minutes left over on a consistent basis. We've now gotten everyone in our 5-man group a bear, and we'll be working through the other half of the guild in the next couple of days.

Our initial 5-man team consisted of:
Me(Bear Tank)
Livann(Ret Paladin)
Tps(Holy Paladin)

I included their names so that you may inspect their gear/spec, etc.
Great guide and thank you. I used to lead original ZA bear mounts on my shadow priest back when i was much more hardcore than I currently am, and I'd say the runs were honestly easier and more forgiving in BC, even with 10. Being a reliable mind controller and the mandatory replenisher helped too, but now with this guide it looks the casual me can get back to doing these fun timed runs. Cheers!
ty for this


also had ~4-5 mins left and this is exactly how we did it. If you have a druid ask him to keep rolling innervates for the healer
could have just copied one of the old strats since basically nothing changed other than the trash is easier. Bosses are not any harder now.
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