[H] Proxy LF dps and healers.

Proxy is an 18+ casual hardcore raiding guild on the US(Oceanic) server of Frostmourne. When we say casual hardcore, we mean that it is casual in raiding times, however hardcore in the fact that when we do raid, our main objective is to down bosses. That means, not coming prepared is a big no no and could ultimately lead to the person being removed from the raid in place of someone else.

We value trust and honesty and hope that you have a good sense of humor as you wouldn't last long without it. The ability to take constructive criticism is a must as well as the ability to give it where needed. Any form of abuse towards other players will be dealt with as that is not the image we like to present to the rest of the raiding community.

Proxy raid times are as follows:
Wed: 8pm - 11pm AEST (ST)
Thur: 8pm-11pm AEST (ST)

If the need arises to raid on an additional night, it will be advertised on the in game calendar with as much notice as can be given.

We understand that this is a game and that other matters come first, so as long as we are notified that you will be unable to attend in advance, than we can try to work around it as best we can.

Loot rules:
The guild operates on a Need/Greed basis as we believe the decision is up to you, to make sure the current piece of gear is most beneficial to you and not that of someone else. We do reserve the right to interfere with loot distribution when necessary if we believe to be either a more significant upgrade to someone else or in the case that someone may have already won a piece of gear that night.

For further information send an email to proxyguild@live.com or message Lojik or Shambamtymam in game.
nope. but thanks for stopping by!
I don't always raid... but when I do, I raid to kill bosses.

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