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I really like the idea of the Dungeon Journal. The only thing I have to say about it is PLEASE don't forget the BC content AGAIN! You guys added those SUPER useful maps for the 15-60 dungeons, and the 70+ dungeons, but somehow, you guys managed to miss everything in Outland. After Cataclysm came out, and all those wonderful new quests came out, I decided that it would be a good time to Lvl a char through the 60's. but what I found was truly disappointing. I didn't find a single new quest, it was as boring and slow as it was while LK was out. I would greatly like to see Outlands not left out there is a lot of potential for fun in the BC area, but as is, It really hasn't changed, and that's sad.
I think this is a fantastic idea. I have been waiting for blizzard to do this for some time. I always thought it was hard enough going on Thottbot or Wow wiki to find what the boses dropped or what adds were protecting them.

Blizzard you got a big thumbs up :D
So it's Wowhead built by Blizz into the game. This is a good feauture but gosh that took a while!
Kind of a good idea, but it sounds like it will make everything too easy. I miss the days when we didn't always know what was dropped from what and what each boss would do.

Does this mean that when the next expansion hits, we'll know what each boss does right off the bat and will know what loot they drop?

I don't think any bosses should be listed at all until they are at least fought once. To know their attack patterns and loot tables before you even fight them is just holding the hand of players too much.
This sounds alot like a combination of atlasloot and DBM in Blizzard's attempts at eliminating bandwidth/fps using add-ons. Looks like what they did replacing gearscore with iLvl, which improved most max level character's performance without every person around them in the game lagging with gearscore.
Im not sure if this has been said as i didnt take the time to read all 16 pages, but for those of you saying this is replacing atlas loot, atlas loot is stil superior IMO, as it shows crafting proffesions, heirlooms, vendor items, ect, and this is in no way a replacement for DBM as a few people have stated, this dosent give you a complete list of timers and such, just a tool tip[ saying what the move does, no diffrent then mousing over incenerate it seems, sounds like a solid idea on paper, but it seems to be nothing more then another unneeded ping in the backround on a practical level compared to the addons that honestly most likly take up the same attention by your computer,
Awesome, sounds very helpful, i love raids and dungeons but everyone pisses and moans when you don't know a fight, which is why I don't raid anymore. But this looks like it might change my mind.
This won't do anything to help people who don't know fights. Not. A. Thing.

This will be a tool for smart people to learn details about a fight without needing to look it up elsewhere. But it'll still be required to look everything up elsewhere.

So basically all that's being introduced is the listing of loot. Which will encourage more people to run specific instances only and to drop out when their desired loot doesn't drop.
05/17/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Lolimhunter
that may SOUND like a good idea...but you wouldnt be WORKING for your gear.

05/17/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Lolimhunter

*drops candy bar and says*


in.. in.. my games...?

So now noobs dont even have to know how to use google anymore. So cool!

Just kidding. This sounds dumb. There's plenty of online resources already. Don't coddle the players by putting the walkthrough directly in the game

I consider it poor game design when you have to go outside of a game for information about the game. Especially when that info is essential for play. Would you buy a board game that requires you to go to the library to read a book on the rules? You shouldn't have to do that for a video game either.
This is a very good idea imho also. I am sure that there could be some sort of way for Blizzard to implement something like this so that people don't have to go on the same weekly raids for months on end to get the gear that they need and help fellow guildies get theirs as well. I realize that everyone needs to work and put in the time to gear up but it would still be very gratifying to get the gear with tokens or something of that nature and make it less disappointing to repeatedly be let down when the drops are never the ones you need.
This would take away the excitement from getting the loot you want for the first time. Also, people would be getting geared too quick and content would be downed too quickly. Just take those variables into consideration to haha.
Seems like it's gonna knock out AtlasLoot to some degree.
I imagine hardcore progression guilds are pretty pissed about this, and rightfully so. Being world/server first would basically come down to how well your connection is and how much RNG favours you.

(Not that I'm ever a hardcore player, but I'm sympathetic.)
You should allow us to add our own notes to the journal.
05/23/2011 02:05 PMPosted by Showtime
Tbh Wow is pretty much turning into a really generic peice of crap. Blizzard you have successfully made this game less fun over these past 7 years. I'm extremely disappointed. Not sure what pointless thing they will do to dungeons and raids that will make them much easier but i'm sure a handicap button will be implemented that will make a difficulty easier than normal available for heroic loot. WTB pre-BC and BC raids back where it actually took some skill to get gear

If so, why have you played for 7 years?
Give us back our Key ring!! Journal is useless to people who've been playing for years!

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