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A log of information shouldnt take up too much memory. Consider a text document that only takes up bytes of space for pages of information.
05/02/2011 02:44 PMPosted by Nethaera

Yeah i remember them saying there was gonna be boss lore in this dungeon journal way back when they first hinted at it. I want that lore!

At the very least put all the lore you'd need to know in a book or in an NPC that brings up a unique interface. There is a lorekeeper in thunderbluff, well was there pre cata not sure where he went if he's not still there. But that guy could do the job no problem along with taking care of the mauradon quests he did. It would be nice to get all the info about the game in the game.

We're planning to include a little bit of flavor lore associated with each boss.

A little? Your writers have written entire books about WoW, i think you can do better than just "a little".
Making tanking easier is always a +!
wow is it just me or is this game becoming to easy with things like this being added. It just feels like they are holding the noobs hands and giving them every little detail to get them from thinking for thier selves. Half the fun of a dungion is finding these things out for yourself. Thats just how i feel about it thats all
Does this really solve the inherent problem with the raids, though?

Let's take the first 3 raids in Cata. BWD, BoT, and TOFW.

Why are we here? I miss the days of "raid quests" that'd lead you to a raid and make you want to complete it.

I'll take BRC as a great example of a dungeon setup. You find it from Hyjal and get a quest that brings you there and you follow the story of Raz as he plows through the place. While this sort of thing isn't optimal for a raid set up, something similar could be accomplished.

In Vanilla, you'd get quests for AQ in Silithus which made you want to raid it. If you were new to WoW, right...would you even know that BWD or BoT existed without trade chat? There are no quests to even guide you there, and while knowing why this boss must be killed is nice...if he's so bad and mean, why not a quest for it? Item rewards are, of course, not a necessity, but you'd think - at least - the King of SW would give a quest to kill that Nefarion fellow who is hovering over SW in that mountain over there. In the mean time, kill some of his abomination experiments while you are it.

I guess, in my view, raiding is summed up excellently by Adm. Stockdale: "Who am I and why am I here?"

You're raiding because you want to progress in the game, and have fun with your guild, or maybe get epics. That's all.

If you want some kind of story, i suggest you read a thing called a "book".

and can I suggest you come into the 21st century and learn to understand that 99% of games have a story, stories are core to any game that is more than just pure 'fun', and stories now nearly integral to any game that isn't sandbox (and even then stories can evolve).

The story is what drives a games narration. The only time it doesn't is when its a multi-player mode such as a death match.

Every single thing in this game has a story behind it, thats why we have these things called 'QUESTS', its also why this has RPG attached to the MMO part.

Even sandbox games like EVE have evolving stories, and in EVE everything is driven by the players - the only difference is the epic battle wasn't some ancient battle - but was between two massive rival armies of players finally coming to blows.

The entire world is a series of infinite stories.

The fact that when someone asks for more depth in this game to add another layer of fun for them and your response is "read a book" does you no credit and also insults the developers of Warcraft, especially Chris Metzen as you basically just called all his hard work to make the story of this game fun for people to explore, delve into and become immersed in a waste of time.
05/03/2011 10:46 AMPosted by Linaris
wow is it just me or is this game becoming to easy with things like this being added. It just feels like they are holding the noobs hands and giving them every little detail to get them from thinking for thier selves. Half the fun of a dungion is finding these things out for yourself. Thats just how i feel about it thats all

Warcraft was always easy, and don't pretend you don't have on your favorites list. The only time a raid will run into a boss without looking up its abilities is when its near the end of the raid and they get to a new boss, and then its "aww sod it, lets just charge in and see what happens". I know my guild did it with Cho'gall. My guild also comes up with its own strats but we still look up the bosses abilities so we can get an idea where to go with the strat from the start.

What exactly is the difference between someone using Atlas Loot and Tankspot and this new add-on?

One Mod that I have to update, and a website I have to go to. Thats it.
That sucks a lot. Now people wont have to figure out how the boss fight works.

Bad player reply: "Doesn't matter because you can go to youtube anyway and see how the fight works"

Sometimes people do some mistakes where the video does not show specifically that part of the fight and what can go wrong there.

This game is getting easier every day. Why? Maybe Blizzard is trying to reach people with less age. Next step is remove the blood and gore so children with 8 yrs can play. If not the game gonna be too much easier than vanilla making those challenging mades disapear, and people will stop play in the mid of the xpansions cuz theres no more chanllenges where u can work your ass on it and be revered for doing them.

Wow doesn't need more features but more challenges.
I don't believe this will limit communication amongst the team. The post stated that "we will not be giving any strategy tips in the Dungeon Journal". So basically you will only be given a move list. You will still need to discuss ways to counteract these moves.

This is a great addition and I welcome it fullheartedly. It seems like they are incorporating popular wow addons into their own programming. Which is great!

Step 2: incorporate Carbonite's resizeable/zoomable map with integrated quest tracker
Step 3: profit

its a good idea!
but i would like it more if the info was only avaible after you defet the boss, so you can fill your jornal with information as you progress.

I agree.
You should make the Journal look like it was gathered information from the npc's of WoW. Like the main good guy of the dungeon is telling you about the bosses. It would be cool imo.
yay! no more need for atlasloot!!!!! less lag <3
I can't say that I'm all that excited about this feature. Come to think of it, the only UI features that i like that they've added over the years is the new guild system and the achievements. If they reverted everything about WoW back to vanilla and kept those 2 systems, I'd be pleased as punch.

I miss when it actually took time to get things. "Oh, you paid 1000g for that? Well now it only costs 5g." Leveling is too easy, dungeoning is too easy, hell they even cookie cut your talent trees for you. I want the ability to screw up my character again, and i want there to be consequences that I'll be upset about and possibly throw something. I use to get irritated with WoW, now more often then not, I'm just bored. Still better then rift though. I hate their talent trees... horrible.
I agree...i'm sick and tired of running the same instance over and over and over and over etc. etc. etc. just to have everything but the mail piece i need from one boss and a stupid piece of cloth drops 75% of the time. and when a mail piece drops finally it's some intellect crap and not the one needed. would solve alot......but i do like to work for the gear but cmon sometimes it's beyond rediculous. i've been here since vanilla.
i agree i like the old days where my lock took 49days played time to complete on destro spec because i was a noob and had no idea wtf a glass cannon was. this hunter took me 8.5 days played time. and talents don't get me started how easy it was to screw ur dps if you didn't pick right. now you pretty much can't screw up a spec. Why make it so easy? kids should be playing their Wii and sneaking their daddys hustler.
lol everyone likes this, but that crabby guy was wayy too far :)
I personally think that the addition of a dungeon guide in game is an awesome idea, especially for those of us who don't raid on a regular basis and prefer soloing to working in a group.
Deadly Boss Mods and atlas loot already serve the same purpose
"World" of Warcraft just got a little smaller. We stand in cities all day and get teleported to any dungeon we fancy without having to budge a toe, and now instead of at least being adventurers learning the perils of a dungeon for the first time, we're told how to do them by some mysterious force the moment we walk in. The argument that this isn't a walkthrough is invalid IMO -- anybody with half a brain can read "this boss drops traps on the ground that periodically explode" with the glowing things on the ground. You're taking out the on-your-toes brainwork.

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