Shaman or Druid?

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I want to level a healing class to 85, and cant decide which one. Im going to mainly be playing this character to heal in PVP (Arena, BG's).

I already have a 70 druid, and have a 53 shaman. So either wouldnt take to much time at all. I just wanted a general opinion on which would be better / more fun.

Shammies are awesome the whole way through to 85. Druids not so much. At 85 and geared they are on pretty equal footing though.

I have 2 druids and 1 shammy, all raiding toons. Honestly you'll enjoy either one at the end of it all.

This goes for PvP as well. Though I don't really do much on this one.
I would suggest druid dual spec tank/healer for fastest queue times. You will be 85 in no time at all.
Shammies are amazing!!!!

I'm leveling this character as a healer and I am having a blast!! I also leveled my druid as a healer and got very bored with it, fast.
i dunt condone rolling fotm for the sake of being op but shamans are the best pvp healers atm, for the most part

if i could only level one id be a druid though. swift flight form is worth it.
definitely druid... it's so fun to heal as a druid, especially in bgs.
there is so much utility... cyclone, roots, cheetah form and run away.... turning into a unstoppable tree thingy with an afro, i mean cmon.

shaman is cool and all but it's like reading a book (sort of calm and not alot going on) instead of playing a video game so to speak. alot less exciting.

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