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Introduction: Heres the deal guys this is my first paladin and I have decided to have some fun with it. I understand that as of the cataclysm expansion it is now possible to do a decent amount of DPS as a holy paladin if speced properly. Just today I have taken on the job of creating a web site dedicated to holy dps. I my self am only 65 at this moment so I can only collect so much data so I urge the community to collect data on my behalf, post it here and I would be glad to add it to the guide.

A basic overview of talents

For my first order of buisness I'd like to go over specific talents in the holy (and other) trees that are considered staples for dealing damage.

Tier 1 holy selection:
Judgements of the Pure - a good talent because your going to be using judgement on CD to conserve mana, so the 9% increase to casting speed should be kept pretty much constant.

Tier 2 holy Selection:
Blazing light - A manditory talent that no exodin should go without. Exorsism and holy shock are going to be constantly used so the 20% damage increase is nice.
Tier 3 holy Selections (most important tier IMHO):
Denounce - another manditory talent, it not only decreased the mana cost of exorcism to a reasonable amount but it also gives your holy shock a chance to make your next exorcism instant and free.
Divine favor - a very good burst spell that should be used on cooldown in PVE and when you need extreme burst in PVP. Its taking .3 seconds of your exorsism cast and its also increasing your crit by 20%
Infusion of light - A great talent. In a pve situations, the 10% increase to holy shock crit speaks for itself but the secondary affect works great in PVP for when you need a quick divine light, clocking in at 1.75 sec, nearly as fast as flash of light
Daybreak - a fantastic talent for PVP but not all that in PVE because it only procs of self heals. When this talent procs you get a holy shock of the global cooldown.

Tier 4 holy Selections:
Enlightened Judgements - this talent is in place so Exodins will not have to worry about hit rating. This talent effectivly gives you 100% of your spirit back as hit rating, making well geared holy paladins clearly over hit cap.
Speed of light - The 3% haste you get from this talent is good for PVP/PVE but the secondary affect is strictly for PVP, where some kiting speed is always welcome.

Tier 5 holy selections:
Conviction - A solid talent, a well geared paladin should have no problem keeping 3 stacks up at all times (9% increased damage).
Paragon of virtue - A great talent,this gives you more survivability in PVP and increases the up time of avenging wrath for pvp and pve use.
Tier 1 Retrubution Selections:
Crusade - This talent maxed out increases your exorcism damage by a whopping 30%. and the secondary affect is decent for PVP.
This is the build I'm theorizing will work equiliy as well in a pve and pvp surcumstance:

Doing damage as a holy paladin 101 -
Holy dps specs work wonderfully until level 80 when you leave Northrend and enter Cata zones. Exorcism stops scaling so drastically and peters out by level 85. A well geared holy paladin specced correctly for holy dps can't push out much more than 7-8k dps with cooldowns, barely making 5k dps without.
I leveled this paladin as holy dps from level 72 to 85 back in Nov/Dec, and it worked well against all the undead in Icecrown. I started seeing a much slower kill speed when I hit Cata zones, and then finally Twilight Highlands was almost unbearably slow (5k exorcisms with mobs having 70k hp... yeah...).

When you get to 78 or 79 start collecting pieces of ret and/or prot gear if you intend to level through questing from 80 to 85.
I fully support Holy Paladin DPS, so many times people have given me the cold shoulder for going to a dungeon as Holy spec and doing DPS.. someone even was clueless enough to ask who was healing, myself or the actual healer. The fact is that i usualy top DPS in my groups, or come second to those occasional players decked with heirlooms.. and of course the mages.

I use holy shock, and exorcism.. with the right talents exorcim procs for an instant cast.

Oh and for numbers supporting holy dps, i pulled 1.6-1.7k dps as holy on a dummy (at lvl 72 i beleive i tested this), and used my alternate spec ret, which i acheived 1.2k dps. From a quick google i found a few pages saying that the normal good dps for that level was 1.2-1.3k. So from my own experience holy dps is easily as effective as ret dps, and easier to manage as you sit there casting the same spell, mixing in a little holy shock and saving holy power for self healing to releive stress off the healer (not to mention a dps class that can convert to a healer of full potential if something .. ominous happens)

as for not being effective at higher levels.. i wouldnt know, i hope not, but in either case it would be great to level with
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When you get to 78 or 79 start collecting pieces of ret and/or prot gear if you intend to level through questing from 80 to 85.
I leveled from 80-85 as holy. If you spec into Denounce and other damage increasing talents, it is seriously not terrible - moderate damage and very strong survivability unless you ran into the mobs in Stonecore that stun over and over. At level 85, the damage output by holy drops off significantly.

I did this because Retribution at 4.0 release was frankly HORRIBLE. PvE Retribution on live is anything but horrible. I strongly recommend people run retribution now to level. However, please do exactly what you enjoy -- it is your right.

For the Light!
Well I'v been doing this myself in PvE- I'd go to dungeons as a Holy and nuke stuff, and throw out the odd heal here and there. At low levels or if you have a good tank you can actually go dps AND healer at the same time, depending on your gear and the tank's gear as well. Don't bother with Holy Shock though post 57, exorcism spam deals better damage, and throwing in Holy Shock only lowers your dps.

Another thing I'v been trying out which has worked quite nicely for me since Tuesday was playing in my Ret gear as a Holy spec in BGs. It's quite a blast, this was to offset the WoG nerf and I must say its quite fun doing that- you'd almost always have Holy Power to use for your heals and the damage is more controllable and less reliant on RNGs than a Ret. Priority seems to be Holy Shock > Exor (Proc) > CS > Judge > Holy Wrath (if mana is not an issue). It builds Holy Power pretty fast, Iv been able to walk away from being waylaid 3 on 1. When you Hammer someone or find they are distracted though, pop wings and Divine Favor and just burn them down with Exorcism spam.

I heard this doesn't work post 80 though as quite of our spells dont scale so well with this particular setup.. but ahh well, was fun while it lasted :3
I tried holy dps against magmaw few weeks back.

8.4k dps (this includes the extra damage magmaw takes with his head down). So it is very eh... Not worth your time once you get above level 81 as previously stated
When Cata came out I opted to level 80-85 as Holy, because I had no Ret gear but I had a full set of PvP gear.

It was terrible.

Going from 12k HP mobs in Icecrown to 33k HP mobs in Vashj'ir was brutal. Damage didn't scale well at all, by Uldum mob HP was in the 95k+ range but my damage was much the same. You can only really kill one target at a time because of the lack of any meaningful multi-target damage.

Our lack of snare and low damage meant that every single mob would end up in my face by the 3rd Exorcism, damaging me and pushing back my cast. If I accidentally pulled 2-3 mobs it was a nightmare of spell pushback, very frustrating. I tried to do some DPS at 85 and basically confirmed that it was horrendous. Ret's simply better, even with terrible gear (and this was back before Ret got buffed).

I've leveled both a Frost Mage and a Destro Warlock since, and I can safely say that the difference was staggering.

Holy DPS is fun before 80 but once you start the Cata content you'll wish you were Ret.

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