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For this achievement there is only a certain NPC that you can buy certain items off - Grunka and Edric in Mout Hyjal - that are ONLY accessible while on the quest to be a trainee Twilight Cultist. There are going to be people without alts (or without alts of the right level) who are unable to get these items except from the AH at massively inflated prices.
I understand that some items will be 'difficult' to obtain (and the other drinks/foods do require SOME travel time to collect) - but nigh on impossible seems a little bit of a stretch to people's patience.
NB - I know one item - the Murky Water - can be obtained from a merchant inside ZA but thats not open to all if they are low ilvel.
Achievements are frequently impossible for lower level characters, so nothing new in that regard. But all the items in question aren't binding so it's not even that.

The ZA merchant offsets the phased one, I'd say.
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There's 3 viable solutions to getting those food items if you don't have an alt in that area. If they are "low level" they can't do the achievement anyways as much of the food and drink requires level 80 to eat/drink.
Maybe someone in your guild or on your friends' list can get it for you. I recently quested my priest up to that point and stopped there-I will be providing it for my guild (and several other guilds we run with if they want it) until I run out of other stuff to do and finish the zone.

It could take a very long time to run out of other stuff to do...
I had an alt of the right level go and buy a stack of each. Some guildies are benefiting.
On the Dragonblight Horde AH

Fungus Squeezing - 4g
Murky Water - 2g
Oily Giblets - 2g
Unidentifiable Meat Dish - 2g
Vile Purple Fungus - 2g

Total: 12g
I had to quest some on one alt to get to that point (they usually stopped around that horrid jousting quest...which gets easier as you do it moar >_<). Our AH is selling the foods for a lot...A LOT. I was selling my extras for way less and of course all sold. Hate gouging.

Murky water was bought elsewhere...don't remember where but def not in ZA. Look it up on wowhead, had all the vendors listed.


at times in a MMORPG, you will require help from other people.
I definitely say hit the AH.

By now, everyone knows about these Achievements and anyone with an alt in the appropriate phase has been listing the items for sale. Which means the prices have plummeted. You can probably grab all the ones you need for less than 25 gold, easily.

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