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heh looking forward to those logs.

I can say pretty definitively it's not a bug due specifically to DI though, as I've run a few 5mans where the bug had cropped up and there wasn't even a 'lock in the group.

There was something puzzling in one of my 5mans yesterday though:

At one point, out of seemingly no where, Might and Fort both disappeared and I have MSBT setup to report them, along with other major buffs, in a rather obvious way.

I began hovering everyone else in the group to see if they still had their Might and Fort buffs and they all did. I was the only one that was suddenly missing these two buffs.

I assumed, and only because I had never seen two buffs wear off like this out of no where, that some Blizzard person may have possibly been watching what was going on in our 5man and decided to test something by removing my buffs? lol

I don't know that they were able to learn anything from their buff removal test, assuming that's what happened, because I ended up teleporting out of the 5man and back in since that seems to have always resolved the problem for me.
[20:59:48.856] Dysheki Rip Valiona *302*
[20:59:50.872] Dysheki Rip Valiona 147
[20:59:52.893] Dysheki Rip Valiona *193*
[20:59:54.883] Dysheki Rip Valiona 94
[20:59:56.840] Dysheki Rip Valiona 94
[20:59:58.899] Dysheki Rip Valiona *302*
[21:00:00.874] Dysheki Rip Valiona 147


The specific attempt if you want to check it over:


I think the highest was like a 5,258 crit over the course of a 6:21 wipe. I was so pumped because we were trying a burn strat so I didn't have to go into the twilight realm AND I got DI.

I've yet to have this happen to me again, but one thing I'm wondering is when the bug actually creeps up. I don't think it's DI as I've had that on me and haven't seen the bug, and the time I did have the bug I didn't have DI.

From my experience and what others have said, it might be popping up during the transition from one zone to another (like going from Twilight Highlands into Bastion of Twilight). The fact that no one has mentioned seeing this happen in the middle of a fight, and zoning out/dying/re-logging seems to fix it is what leads me to that.

Has anyone managed to enter a zone, be fine on the first couple packs of trash, and then see the bug pop up, all without dying/zoning/logging? Not just "I vaguely recall...", I'm asking for "I know for a fact Rip was hitting full strength on the first pack, I didn't die/didn't zone out/didn't log off and on, and the next pack it was bugged".

If it has happened to someone, that shoots a hole in that theory, but it might be whatever the game does to your character when zoning into a location, bugs Rip and causes it to ignore AP on gear and possibly from buffs as well.
How about a blue response blizzard, i cannot play my main cat druid with this rip bug, the dps is pathetic. Why doesnt blizzard monitor these bug forums anymore, whats the point of posting. When i contact a gm, he says to post here. Whats the point ? Unless you enjoy talking to yourself.
Just to add more to this discussion.

Ran BoT with another feral in my guild. We usually do almost equal numbers:
Valiona and Theralion:

Can compare our rip damage compared to our overall %s.
For me:
Avg tick: 1647.8
Avg Crit tick: 3384.1

Then you can look at Ascendant Council
Avg tick: 7700.8
Avg Crit tick: 16316.0

I did die for a stupid mistake on my part after the twin dragons on the drakonid guys on the way to ascendant council. Perhaps that made it start working correctly again? I added a log query based on trash:
Now add the 2 queries (and remove the show all query):
Show events where event type is Hit and spell is Rip (remove, copy)
Show events where event type is Death and source or target is Equinnix (remove, copy)

If you run that you can see my rips are awful, I died, then they return to normal. This seems to confirm at least partially a couple theories in this thread.

Unfortunately, I do not know if my equipment manager showed equipment sets at the time of the bug.
05/24/2011 01:41 AMPosted by Equinnix
I did die for a stupid mistake on my part after the twin dragons on the drakonid guys on the way to ascendant council. Perhaps that made it start working correctly again?

Question, did you get a rez and therefor didn't leave the instance, or did you release and run back thus zoning out and zoning back in?
I released and ran back.
K thanks. So far it seems everyone has cleared this bug by leaving and going back in the instance, either from dying and running back in or logging off then logging in. There's gotta be something going wrong with whatever it's checking with our toons when logging or zoning in somewhere.

It seems like we've provided sufficient evidence to prove that not only is there a bug, but where the problem might be originating. It's up to Blizzard now. I just feel bad for you people who keep having this happen, I've only seen it once. Maybe just make a macro that says in Raid/Group "My Rip is Bugged! I'm not a Noob! PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!!" and then a link to this thread ;p
Just had the bug happen again. We killed Halfus heroic, switched to BWD, then went back to BoT at the end of the night. Upon re-entering BoT the bug appeared. The WoL I posted above I had joined up with another raid group that already had Halfus down. Perhaps related? Did anyone else who had this happen join into a raid that was already going either by your raid or another raid group?

I did a /camp and then logged right back in. Fixed the bug confirming what Generic was saying
I had this tonight too.
Starting BOT, Rip was fine. Died during trash after Halfus, ran back, and Rip was bugged. Didn't notice Rip was bugged until V+T fight. Restarted client afterwards, and it was back to normal. Equipment manager was working fine the whole time.

Also noticed, it gets even worse after ferocious bite refresh.

[21:31:41.986] Calffeine Rip Theralion 2142
[21:31:42.370] Calffeine casts Shred on Theralion
[21:31:42.637] Theralion's Rip is refreshed by Calffeine
[21:31:42.757] Calffeine Shred Theralion *33049*
[21:31:43.805] Calffeine Rip Theralion *4413*
[21:31:45.815] Calffeine Rip Theralion 2142
[21:31:47.802] Calffeine Rip Theralion 2142
[21:31:49.801] Calffeine Rip Theralion 2142
[21:31:51.168] Calffeine casts Ferocious Bite on Theralion
[21:31:51.448] Theralion's Rip is refreshed by Calffeine
[21:31:51.621] Calffeine Ferocious Bite Theralion 15270
[21:31:51.836] Calffeine Rip Theralion *292*
[21:31:53.835] Calffeine Rip Theralion 141
[21:31:55.857] Calffeine Rip Theralion 142
When you used FB in that specific part of the log you posted, do you remember if it was a 1-Combo Point refresh or a 5-Combo Point refresh? If it was a 1-CP refresh, it makes me wonder if the game switched to a 1-CP Rip instead of maintaining the 5 CP Rip. If that's the case then Rip is totally messed up. To hell with magnets... RIP! How do you work?!?

I almost wonder if that's true, is it possible a 1-CP FB to refresh Rip could cause a bug even without the initial bug we've all been talking about. Well if that were the case, it would be quite noticeable and we probably would have seen some mention about it, which I haven't, but who knows.
It's not 1CP Bites causing Rip to drop to 2 or 3 digit numbers. It happens on any Bite (under 25% target HP) if you have this bug.

I just got this bug again in a 5man; never in a raid setting so far. Pretty frustrating. I feel like I owe the 5man an explanation for why I'm teleporting out, then I have to teleport out and catch up. Meanwhile, most times they've probably got a pretty big question mark over their heads like, "wtf".

Today, my attempt of explaining the bug with my character and how I needed to teleport out and back in was some how translated in their mind in such a way that they'd give a response something like, "you don't have to try to make excuses for your awesome DPS, you're doing great".

Great? My rip is ticking for some ~4k damage on average... that's not great.
I have noticed three time in different instances that the bug disappears if you die and release spirit to enter again to the instance, if you are rezed by and spell the bug continues.
Now, my gear isn't spectacular, but I don't think these numbers are correct :P

I was farming Volatile Air in Uldum (scions and sweeping wind mobs) for an hour and the rip numbers kept going up and down, which is why the Min's and Maxes of each number are so far off from each other. I did not die, I did not reload and I did not change any gear. I had 1 buff, MotW and was using a potion of treasure finding.

Rip Tick
Min: 312
Average: 3101
Max: 6109

Rip Crit
Min: 2349
Average: 6557
Max: 10944

Rake seems to be hitting pretty low, for the minimum numbers only, as well. I haven't played my druid in a while, so I'm not sure:

Rake Tick
Min: 427
Average: 4467
Max: 5117

Rake Crit
Min: 880
Average: 9215
Max: 11289

Noticing on my lowbie druid.... logging in/back out works but not sure how long. Will post again with better data.

Edit: people were talking about the equipment manager possibly affecting this but I don't use it on my druid

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