Who killed Rosie Larson?

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The AMC series The Killing is turning out to be very good. Not surprising since AMC seems like they can do no wrong.

Who do you think killed Rosie Larson?

Honestly I really haven't the foggiest idea who it could be yet. I am lean to wards someone in the political game since there doesn't seem to be any real reason to have them in the show unless they are somehow involved. I don't think its Richmond, that would be too easy, but someone on that side of the fence has to have a deep connection to it, or at the least attempted cover up. Again I just don't see why they exist in the story if that isn't the case. Everything else about them is so irrelevant to the plot.
I am completely hooked on this show.

It seems as though each week they take you in a different direction where you think someone else may be the killer, or involved in some way. First it was Richmond, then the boyfriend and now they're focusing on the teacher.

I like Richmond and I think it's interesting to see what politics is doing to him. He wants to do the right thing but he's sometimes forced to do things he normally wouldn't (spying on his own girlfriend & blackmailing Ruth) because of the election. I have a feeling he's going to resort to dirty tactics more and more to keep his campaign afloat. I really enjoyed the scene where Richmond and Rosie's mother meet in the supermarket and he's talking about his wife.

Every episode, you learn a little more about the main character's lives and how they all intertwine. ( Did you notice the tension between Mitch's sister and Jasper's father at the wake ? ) Each character seems to have something dark from their past, or some type of inner turmoil they're dealing with. It's so captivating to watch sometimes.

I think it's someone we haven't met yet, there are still 5 episodes left to go.

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