4.2 Biggest PVE Nerf ever?

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It wont likely effect gameplay all to much. But really, its insulting. As a WoW player and a CCer, I'm insulted that Blizzard would see the need to implement a change like this.
05/03/2011 01:04 PMPosted by Walls
This will have almost no effect on pug runs, besides making the actual CC situation vastly easier. CC mobs, then have the tank pull. I really don't see the problem with that.

What is the purpose of saying something will have no effect when you are just going to say right after it that it will have an effect.

This change greatly nullifies the need for coordination between group members. Which further shifts the game away from the idea of team work to that of an individualistic view point.
I see this as a great thing. There are certain tanks who can't as easily grab aggro on several mobs as the mobs charge after a CC hits. Warriors and Bears for example, more so perhaps for bears. It sucks when you have to run around after a CC trying to gather everything up because right after the CC hit all the DPS decided to unload before you're half way through your AoE rotation.

Unless your group is perfectly in synch, CC pulls can be pretty messy. Quality of life change, indeed.

Then again, this change is definitely there for players who never wanted to figure out how to CC in the first place. Either way, the days of BC crowd control are long gone.
I don't mind, nobody likes trash.

Not really. it just makes it less complicated if you want to do more than one CC per pull, since it's bloody hard to coordinate timing with no Vent and variable latencies.

If you want to do it the old fashioned way, just have the CCer wand at something/autoattack after the CC! Problem solved.
What if they take this as an excuse to pack even more trash into every pull?
05/03/2011 01:11 PMPosted by Novaspace
I think they continue to 'dumb down' the game to accommodate the casual player. They have been doing this for quite some time.

The idea of dumbing down such mechanics for the casual player is silly. Coordination of CC is no bleeding edge hard or even hard. It requires simple team work, the only way it is dumbing it down for is players who hate CC regardless of how they play the game. Dumbing it down for casuals is like going from asking players to clear every heroic once for the week before they can step into a raid and then removing that requirement.
Rouges used to be valued for their unique ability to sap and setup one mob for a pull, that always made a pull easier, imagine everyone in the group with that ability.


On Topic: I love this change because I hate the tanks you get in dungeon finder that insist on Wrath tanking everything, when they are obviously under geared for it. Given, this won't stop them if they insist, but at least people can ninja crowd control mobs before the tank pulls without fear of wiping their group.
05/03/2011 02:14 PMPosted by Ashenrock
The casual player represents, most likely, a great deal more than 70% of the subscriber base. Money talks...raiders walk. QQ

It reduces the need for team work so it makes it casual? Than again when you make up numbers and bash other players and say that casuals dont raid then it is a good sign to just ignore your biased ramblings.
05/03/2011 01:02 PMPosted by Provaporous
Trash for panther,dragonhawk, and lynx should use CC, and I'd like to see someone mess up that group right before dragonhawk after this change.

What? people use CC still? even in za/zg? ... Man I must be behind the curve, or ahead of it, or something.
I like this change. It takes responsibility away from the tank and puts it on the CC'er. The group will still need to coordinate whenever multiple mobs need to be CC'd and those CCs will still need to be refreshed and unbroken. But, the tank won't have to worry about grabbing threat off of the CC'er and can pull as normal.

So, basically, this change makes Trash Pull marginally easier, but makes using CC much more convenient. I'd say that is a good trade off, particularly since CC is so underutilized in Heroics right now.
how was the change to crowd control a nerf?
05/03/2011 01:38 PMPosted by Dellris
I don't mind, nobody likes trash.
People clearing trash with less headaches ruins the game for you how?
05/03/2011 12:49 PMPosted by Provaporous
No coordination is needed for clearing trash in instances anymore, why even have trash anymore, just make the whole dungeon/raid bosses!

I still think marking and assigning targets is the clean way to deal with pulls. I use it especially when pulling with new heals or tanks, and it helps.

Its just hard for me to agree with "no coordination is needed" this if the trash takes longer to clean up than the length of time a target can be CC'ed. Is that a standard 50 seconds now too? So if a player were to reapply their CC to targets its still best to have coordination and hit the right targets. This way, if someone CC's the wrong target their first target doesn't break and kill them. Also, when someone frogs a mob without it being marked, I tend to miss these little critters and run off to the next group. The markers help me see that something is hoping around in the shadows and needs to be looted ASAP :)

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