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I am growing a little tired of Alliance on my server and have wanted to change factions for a while, the only thing holding me back is my guild (great bunch of people). So before I take the plunge I wanted to know what it's like to be Horde on Saurfang or why I should stay Alliance.
Having recently made that switch myself there isn't much difference, you still have your trolls and disrespectful players but you will get them no matter where you go. It seems quieter and more peaceful sitting in org compared to sw though.

It really comes down to what you want out of the game and if you are enjoying it. I left a great group of people alliance side when i switched chasing a more progression orientated guild, but I am enjoying the game again.

I am unsure about your motives for changing but if its something you want to do, then do it. If you are unsure, roll a horde alt and see how it is.
I rolled another toon on horde the other day, however, I haven't been far enough to experience a dungeon.

I have had some good feedback from other horde players and, from what I have seen in PvP, you guys know how to work together. It would also be good to have Tol Barad once and a while. Overall I just would like to experience the other side of Azeroth, find a good guild and do some raids.
I love horde. I think they're nicer people then alliance. More helpful in all ways.
After years of rolling my eyes at "Horde are nicer people/better players" I have to begrudgingly agree. It wasn't until I started working on "Double Agent" that I actually rolled Horde. And even though you still get trolls etc. it is not nearly as bad as Alliance. I just don't understand..... T_T

Though...I can finally see why they usually do so well in bgs.

Not to mention that they treat healers better. Seriously.....wth
I,m levelling an ally there for the 'chieve, but I don't spend to much time over there ><
Horde side Saurfang is fine there's always something to do and generally people are nice. Weekend late night trade chat is quite amusing but I think that's just everywhere you go.

As for progression we seem to have more Horde guilds then Alliance on our server into Throne of Thunder.

Plus you have your #1 Horde Australian streamer on your server ;)

Plus you have your #1 Horde Australian streamer on your server ;)

Chinglish is on tichondrious.
Yeap I know he used to live down the road from me before he moved overseas.
come to horde and buy heroic sha!

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