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Several times today, I've been booted from the game back to the character selection screen and receive the error "World server is down" upon trying to log back in.

Several attempts at logging back in will result in me being able to get back into the game, sometimes for a good long while, other times just to be kicked back out.

Seems to only be happening on my Deathwing characters, but I've not been on another server long enough today to verify that.
That means that the continent you are on when you get DC'd with that error have crashed and it takes a couple of minutes for it to reboot.
Thanks for the report, Jyve.

This is being looked into.
This is happening to me too now... I don't think it's the server going down, my guild mates are all still on, questing as normal. I just get logged off and get the World Server down message :( has happened 4 times now. Help please.
Turalyon server is down; you can't even get in
Yea this is happening to me aswell I'm on the gundrak server but all my guildies aren't affected at all. plx fix dis
i have a char with the same problem.. right now i can enter to the realm with my others chars
I'm getting this message (on world server?) today, but my son who is sitting on the computer next to me is not--weird.
how do we solve this problem
all my characters on illidan too, i cannot log in at all. just says "world server is down".
illidan mop world server has now been down for over an hour... any news if we will get to play today?
like it loads but at the last second it just quits and says "world server is down
illidan mop world server has now been down for over an hour... any news if we will get to play today?

It's been down for over 3 actually. The server problems started at 6 server.
original post is from 2011
same on arthas- 2 chars OK, 2 chars 'world server down'. so weird. plz help, blizz.
I having the same prob today. Started out of nowhere and now I cant get on for anything
You won't solve the problem Blizzard will; relax patience is a virtue :)
this is from last year. silly nerds

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