New issues with WoW remote on android

Mobile Bug Report
Since the new version released yesterday (2.0.1) there have been a couple of new bugs I have seen in the Auction House functionality.
1. Bids don't default to minumum bid amount
When putting on a bid, the amount defaults to 0, and I have to type in the amount manually.

2. Getting error when posting auctions.
After posting, instead of getting the message of the Auction being posted successfully, I get an error saying "Error Item not Found"

Tech data :
WoW remote version : 2.0.1
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S
Android version : Froyo.dvjp8
Firmware : 2.2
I am having both of these issues since release of 2.0.1 as well.

Also, It takes two presses of the app button to activate the app from my DroidX. First press flashes the brown background than back to Android home screen. Second press opens app.

Tech Data: The World of Warcraft Armory Version 2.0.1
Phone: Motorola DroidX
Android version: 2.2.1

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