favorit family friendly TV shows?

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hey im just curious on what all you other WoW geeks are watching! i know my favorite TV shows that are family friendly (and favorite over all) are Psych, Scrubs, and boston legal with some burn notice thrown in. so how about you?
Castle and Modern Family.

..and Fox's 'reality' star-search shows, like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and the up-coming X-Factor.
Modern Family is my favorite show on regular cable right now.

... but for family-minded geeks

Eureka is a good show on the syfy network. Not sure if that show is still on the air, but I know Netflix has a bunch of those seasons available for streaming.
modern family, without a doubt. haha
`The Office
Modern Family no Doubt.
Home Improvement
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Burn Notice is family-friendly?

Doctor Who is specifically designed to be a family-viewed program. It's so unbelievably good though, that you wouldn't think it's kid-friendly.

Another one is Merlin, but that one is more believably kid-friendly.

Most American shows, however seem to either be just for kids or for adults. There's rarely a show made for all ages to enjoy.

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