Black ops disk destroyed.....SUCKS!!!

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Well I got to experience the phenomenon of an XBOX 360 disk getting a nasty circular scratch when it falls on its side while loading. Now my copy of Call of Duty: Blacks Ops is unplayable on online multiplayer. This completely SUCKS!!! Anyone else have this problem? What can I do? Does having the disk resurfaced work or do I need to splurge and go get another copy of the game?
This is why everything should be digital only
Also does installing a game on the HD make the 360 load all of the games data from the HD rather than the disk?
Getting it resurfaced should make everything better; my friend's copy of Halo: Reach wouldn't load, he got it resurfaced, worked like a charm. As for putting games on the hard drive, everything loads from the drive. The disc is only needed to confirm you own the game, and didn't pirate it.

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