Is Minecraft worth buying?

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I've been watching many videos on this game, but I'm still not sure is it worth buying?
I bought it about a year ago, I normally play it when I'm offline and traveling around for work.

Lots of people on airplanes always ask questions about it.
I am planning on getting eventually. If you are into the "build whatever you want" type of thing. then Minecraft is perfect for you.
If you like lego style games, then the answer is yes.
Do you like Legos? Because this game is a pre-created world where you build things lego style! Add in the challenge of night time with monsters and you have yourself a completely open world for your imagination. It's in Beta and has sold 2,000,000 copies.

Also, if you know your way around a computer, set up a server for you and your friends to have good times together on. :)
One of the most terrifying games Ive ever played.. I know that sound wierd, But when you are exploring a deep cave, its pitch black, and you a rubning forward every couple of steps to stick up a torch and quickly switch back to your sword ..

and you hear


Yeh, graphics dont make good gameplay. :)

This game absolutely is terrifying.
Going around a corner only to find there is a skeleton waiting to shoot me is one of the scariest experiences in a video game ever
I have been debating with myself for the last few hours whether i should pick this up. I just watched the first 2 sections of X's Adventure on youtube and it is really interesting.

Is it simply a download and play game, what is this talk about servers i hear?
There's a free "creative" version you can play to test out, it's not the full experience but if you enjoy the building aspect of it, the "lego" side of the game, then there's a good chance you'll like the full version.

It's not something I play every day, typically I'll get inspired one day on a weekend or something and spend all day engrossed in a project, but I've consistently gone back to Minecraft since I bought it, something I can't say about a lot of games.

If you wind up picking up the full version and are interested in it, find a server to join and play with other people. The experience is so much better when you have other players building in the same world as you.
it is well worth buying i had the same problem you are having and finally after months of hearing about it and seeing it i decided to buy it and now i love it
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Is it simply a download and play game, what is this talk about servers i hear?

Currently in beta which is the version you pay for there is two modes

Survival Single Player vs Survival Multiplayer

SMP is what they are talking about for servers. Same deal as the single player version except you have other people able to connect and play. They'll all have their own bases to build as well as own projects to do.

The SMP server I'm on at the moment has a central train station that goes off to all the other bases everyone has.
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Definitely worth it, and try to get a few friends in on it too. I have about 5 guys I know that play and one of them has a server up for us to mess around on.

Nothing more fun than mining out a cave with a friend and fighting off baddies alongside your partner.

Or nudging him into a lava pool.
I watched Seananners full series of Minecraft let's play. Whipped out the credit card and bought it on the spot. Totally worth the 15 or so bucks I paid for the game. :) It's great fun.
Worth it. There are so many servers to play on public and privately hosted and it's one of the most fun and ever evolving games I have ever really played. Who cares what it looks like, it's fun, which is basically a selling point with almost every game out there.

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