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Ubuntu is one of the best OS (better than Windows 7 and Mac OS X in performance and at some other points) and as players, what we want from our OS is performance from our OS.
However, Ubuntu also has downs that Mac OS X and Windows 7 are doing better.
That said, Ubuntu has roughly no compatibility with .exe file extensions (wich are commonly used for every games and every other executable files under Windows OS).
In order to run these .exe file extensions, we need to use a program that emulates a Windows environment and the most used and known one is WINE (
Although, WINE doesn't emulate these extensions as much as needed to play the game correctly... You might experience display bugs such as spikes and weird frames in squares and even crash. You will notice that the game is fastest, but you will experience issues with the graphics and sounds, because WINE cannot emulate the game perfectly yet (in the current version of it).

I heard a few times from different players that the developers at Blizzard were using Linux distributions to test the performance of the games or something like that, so I wanted to know...

Do you guys plan on releasing a Ubuntu version of World of Warcraft or submit a fix to WINE (wich is an open-source software, by the way)?
I personally would really appreciate it and I know that many other players would as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read that thread and feel free to discuss your opinions below.
There was a Linux version of the classic Beta client, but it was scrapped afterward. I am fairly certain when I say there will never be official Linux support, as they would have to support dozens of different distros and not just one.

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I would pee my pants if they supported Ubuntu.
I personally don't think it would be really hard to compile a release for Ubuntu.
I am saying Ubuntu, because it is the most popular and probably the best OS of all the Linux distributions. (Correct me if I am wrong and feel free to argue about that.)
I play sometimes on Ubuntu 10.1 without too much trouble. I have a dual boot system with Vista and just execute the game files from the Vista partition and it plays well. I will say the the load in times are longer, but my frame rates in the game are better. It would be really great to see more support for Linux, but honestly it works pretty well already.
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I am fairly certain when I say there will never be official Linux support, as they would have to support dozens of different distros and not just one.

I'd be lying if I said I understood game programming or Linux programming to the fullest, but I don't think that's the case. Can't one properly-made program be used on almost all popular distributions?

There is a vast difference between "compile for" and "commercially support to ensure a quality experience".

Here are some tidbits from Id, probably the biggest supporter of Linux gaming and certainly a well known game company:

11 Years ago: (no business case, not many linux desktop sales for cost of making it available)

4 Years ago: (no plans for commercially supported versions of Id game)

Linux isn't a platform, it's an OS that is lauded for it's ability to run on many different platforms ranging from hardware the size of your watch to hardware the size of a building. While there are desktop build of Linux it's simply not the same thing as developing for iOS, MacOS X or Windows.
The real issue I suspect is they, Blizzard, will not want to release their source code to allow custom compilation on the various given kernels and hardware types by a user base - understandable. (IP issues and game play issues like user cheating.)

But if they were to start supporting Linux they are taking on the role of OS support (people like free support when using Linux) , unlike Microsoft and Apples OS where Blizzard can defer to the OS supplier. Blizzard would be on the hook to make it work on the users flavor of Linux. A support nightmare.

Blizzard would have to place the controls on the OS (like Oracle did for Linux) to make it work for the customer and their support model. It would be easier to have Blizzard release their own Linux distro - which would be silly. They are a game company, not an OS company.

Blizzard would have to pick a specific build and patch level and trying to keep its users at that point until it could test with updates and such, then instruct the user to patch the OS to play the game or allow it to be pushed out via their own patch management.

Sure there are some frameworks to build on in Linux - but nothing as well done as Carbon or Win32 or .Net frameworks. It is like going back in time to develop on Linux. Just look at what Direct X has done for PC gaming (it made it possible in a big way) OpenGL has just in recent years gotten to be close to what Direct X currently offers (OpenGL still years behind).

It will never happen.. unless Ubuntu comes with a load of cash to pay for it to happen (just like MS did in the day).

Forget Linux, it is only a great place to run Java, Ruby, Python and needed network serves.
You do not have to release the source code. Blizzard could just release compiled (.exe type files) package(s).

Blizzard doesn't have to "support" any OS just because they provide a compiled package.

Blizzard already supports Mac ('nix-like/related) and Android (Linux Open Source based) as well as said to run Linux severs of their own.

Linux should not be discounted, it is quite workable for daily use in a PC; even if you are not a computer geek.

As far as I can tell, the issue is really whether the many stealthed Linux users can convince Blizzard it is worth it financially.
It runs perfectly fine in Wine, albiet with lower performance when compared with Windows on the same hardware. I use it all the time. If you are having issues, turn down graphics and/or use better drivers.

The accelerated GPU driver situation in Linux is, and always has been, pretty dire and flaky. (I've been running games in Linux since Doom 2, and it's always been flaky and random and required you understand what hardware you're buying before you build your system -- that hasn't changed).

They will never release a version compiled for Linux. Ever. Ever ever ever.

And if you think that they could release some kind of binary, and not incur costs from people assuming it's supported, you're delusional. Even Id got support calls from their unsupported Linux binaries for Quake 1, Quake 2 and the Doom 3 engine games.

It maybe a better OS, but I know one thing it doesn't do better than Windows. Gaming :-P
@Chart - they would have to package the software for specific code releases of the OS. Or, they would have to allow for flexibility of the OS's code revision level. As for Apple and Android.. they are not writing Unix apps.. they are writing Carbon and Java respectfully. In Linux they would have to go with a framework and allow the framework to manage the OS changes. I am not aware of one that is as developed on Linux (besides Java) for this as Apple and Microsoft frameworks (Carbon, Win32 or .NET).

Considering this is more involved than a WebKit project or like.. there is a much higher need for graphics hardware abstraction for this as it needs the GPU to render the game. Linux is good at being able to talk to hardware in very custom ways.. not so much in standard ways.
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Ubuntu is one of the best OS
Haha, good one.
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I personally don't think it would be really hard to compile a release for Ubuntu.

What is requested and required for World of Warcraft to run on ubuntu is countless hours of several different teams to develop new lines of codes and configuration details to an OS that they have no experience with and this would also cause for an unsurmounted amount of time and money put into testing. By the time it would be finished, they would have wasted too much time a resource for a remake of a very popular game that is being played through the prime OS's when they could have developed a whole new game, expansion, or their own brand of OS.

The weight shouldn't be placed on Blizzard for this to happen but instead be placed on those who have the coding and compatibility experience with ubuntu. It wouldn't seem hard for some die hard fans to bring together their own development team to figure out all the nooks and crannys nor would it hurt for them to pull on a professionals ear and gain advise about what is needed to be changed in order for WoW to work flawlessly as if on a Win or Mac OS.
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I think that eventually Blizzard should offer an Obuntu version.Wich by the way is growning in user faster than any the operating systems.I am personally tiered of Windows, and I hate Apple.I have tryed Obuntu and love it.The only reason I upgrade it to Windows 7 was because at the time you couldnt play WOW in Obuntu.But next time I have to choose between upgrading to window to play WOW or stay with Obuntu .I will be staying with obuntu.There is no reason to stay with windows just to play WOW.When almost every program and websites outthere are giving Obunto support.And if using wine doest work I will just have to kiss WOW goodbye,I am sure they will loose a persentage of players that choose Obunto.Ubuntu is better by far no argument there.
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This thread is like... Two years old.
Sammamus, if this topic came up to you from a Google search, I would suggest looking at the date of the thread first before leaping in and sharing a reply! XD

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