New Oceanic Server? Blue Please Respond!

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Dear Blizzard, it is seemingly apparent that now all Oceanic server populations are either "High" or "Full" and there is one "Medium' population server which is Gundrak.

Is there any plans to open up a new Oceanic Server?

Thanks for your time.
i 2nd this motion so i can join it
Feel free to join the medium server...
Agreed, a new Oceanic server is well overdue.
And make it an RP server. PLEASE!
We do need a new one...
and a RP would be awesome!
cmon u serious?? Aman'thul isn't full.

There's a shortage of players if anything.. why would they create a new server right now?

Meh. Except for Frostmourne and that other server (Barthilas?), all the servers at "high" or even "full" will go "medium" or "low" during off-peak hours (I usually check at 4am - before I go to work).

But hey Blizzard, if you're going to open a new Oceanic server, can we make it so that it is geographically in the region? My latency is 189ms at best ;_;
I second that Amrix said above, about peak times.
Usually when I log on Frostmourne is the only one with 'High'. All the rest are medium or low.
Do it
Could use a server located in Brisbane :D
If they made a new oceanic pve server or rp server i would transfer some toons there for sure. Be kinda good to start fresh on a clean slate.
Gundrak is way to underpopulated to get even a single 25 man guild running, with only a handful of successful 10 mans. The AH is too quiet to get a proper economy going, people just make up their own price because they are the only one selling half the time. I don't think they'll be making another server until all the others are at least populated to the point where they function properly.
Judging by the population status on the realm selection screen just now the oceanic realms that are lowest in population atm are Dath'Remar, Saurfang, Dreadmaul, Gundrak and Thaurissian. Some of these are one sided servers though so while one faction may be functional the other may not.
As Abînadi said above, Dreadmaul has only a few people on at peak-off hours. Last time I check though, It was more or less equally balanced on both factions. A new server would seem more or less inappropriate in my opinion, for now I guess.
Dreading the holiday season. Another 3 months of 2000+ queues on each and every server? No thanks!

We need one of each, including RP and RP-PVP... can't believe we still don't have those nearly half a decade later...
They seem full, but i rarely see Alliance or Horde getting around anywhere but a main city. or is this because the world is just so big these days?

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