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A big fan of this movie. Sci Fi and its screenplay is written by Jerome Bixby which might be a well known name for some Star Trek fans.

A low budget film and some of the acting could have been better. However, very well worth odd 90 min to watch. Based in a living room filled with professors of different faculties and touches on various philosophical points. Keep an open mind while watching it and if you have feel free to discuss!

Don't forget to stick to posting guidelines because this movie does touch on sensitive topics.

Edit: And don't forget to not post spoilers and if you do, leave sufficient space and give warning to readers. Thanks!
I love this movie and have seen it several times so far. It's gotten a lot of flak with the expected complaints as heretical, however if you approach it with an open mind it's a very interesting film.
I don't really know how to discuss this movie without getting into spoilers or touching the sensitive topic that we're not allowed to mention on these forums, so I guess the only thing I can say is that I despised it.
'Man from Earth' is easily one of my top 5 favorite sci-fi films of all time. I enjoy it for it's more cerebral approach to sci-fi rather than the typical slam-bang action flick we tend to get thrown at us by Hollywood.

It does what good sci-fi should do and makes you think rather than sit back and have all the answers handed to you.
My main issue with it was I felt like the main character was trolling the entire time and I found the reactions of his friends to be annoying, if not unrealistic but that could of been due to them being bland characters played by bad actors in the first place. I dont really agree with it making you think since the main character did flat out explain everything and it did become rather predictable, though I guess it does at the same time leave room for imagination.
I really want to see this movie but it's damn hard to find where I live. I've made it a priority to consume as much scifi as is scientifically possible this summer, so I'll probably be looking for it at the library or something.
Definitely enjoyed this movie, I should watch it again soon.
You might be able to find it on Netflix.

And Kruua, the concepts that make you think in this movie is not HOW such a thing is possible. Instead, it simply states some historical facts which I think most of us can agree on and then it uses those facts to question certain 'norms' or beliefs we have in today's society.

While philosophical and religious debate often go hand in hand, most of us can agree that at the end of the day no matter what service provider you use to talk to the man upstairs, they are always changing and evolving to suit society's current needs.

Really worth watching.
I enjoyed watching the debate(s). I found it fascinating to see how different academic disciplines approached the protagonist and his story and then how their personal beliefs muddied the water when he made his final claim.
It's really difficult to talk about the movie and it's themes without spoiling it.
Yay! Spoiler guidelines have been posted. And so, I suppose henceforth, readers be warned.

To lead off discussion revolving this controversial movie touching on sensitive topics:


The only thing I don't like about this movie is that it does very little to explain the actual immortality aspect.

Assume, you lived 14 centuries. Assume a biological abnormality of sort is possible. Assume, you were a person to whom time held no value.

What would keep you going? All of us have goals in life. Would such an immortal have a goal? Or just passing through life? How would he value relationship with mortal people who are just a temporary turbulence in his life like john did?

And lastly, religion. While his claim of being Jesus was a powerful disturbance to western critics of this movie, one can't ignore that most religious share the same basic underlying principles. So, for an immortal who has seen religions and societies come and go, it would be impossible to hold faith in a single entity. But such frailty and ever changing concepts in an evolving society do leave us with something to think about.

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