Minecraft, what do you build?

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What do you build?

How do you build?

Do you plan anything?

How long did a certain project take you?

What do you plan on building next?
Me and my friends built this awesome city that we roleplayed at.

It was loads of fun until there was a glitch with the server or something and the server reseted ._.
i built a giant wall. and huge cave networks
Q: What do you build?
A: Anything and everything.

Q: How do you build?
A: With blocks painstakingly gathered over time. Especially painful for my artistic sandstone tower (ranging from 20x20 at the base to 40x40 in the middle and 10x10 at the top, not counting glass blocks for windows)

Q: Do you plan anything?
A: Nope, I go with what feels right.

Q: How long did a certain project take you?
A: My current longest project was about 30 hours, give or take. Picked a random spot in the wilderness and teraformed out a 200x200x20 area, then build a cobblestone wall around it. Paved the inside area with half-blocks (to remove pesky wildlife spawners) then put in some nice water features. Built a 30x30 castle out of refined stone... all wood plank floors.. nice vista from the top floor. Kind of miss that save file, sometimes.

Q: What do you plan on building next?
A: I recently found my first diamonds (yay!) and was fortunate enough to have a giant pool of lava just beneath a naturally occuring waterfall. Hooray! Chip through the floor, instant massive field of obsidian. Thanks to that I've now ventured to the Nether for the first time, and am in the midst of building a nice little house (10x24) in the middle of a lake of lava.
My first major project in Minecraft, and the one that is still incomplete, is my gigantic tree house made from Wood blocks. I had initially planned to make it much like Darnassus, in that there are actual trees and grass growing on top of it, but that changed when I discovered that would not work. So now it's just a big, hollowed out tree with branch rooms containing specific treasures of mine.

My second project, which I completed, was a tiny Stone fort made in the side of a hill that had a small dock facing the ocean. I made this because my current mineshaft back near the tree house was becoming too big to handle and was pretty much depleted of natural resources. From the fort I made two shafts, one going into the hill, the other the ocean, both of which net'd me some pretty good materials.

My next project, which is also incomplete, is a tiny Pueblo house situated on top of a lake north of the tree house. It has a glass floor so I can see the water underneath me, and will serve as my house when I'm exploring that part of the world. I use Sandstone to build it.

I also have a tiny Obsidian fort that I port into whenever I visit the Nether, as the last thing I want to zone into is some Ghast flinging a fireball at me and my going flying into the beyond as a result.

Edit: Ah, I guess I should clarify a bit with my treehouse. Before I built the actual treehouse, I made my home in the mineshaft I had made to first gather up base materials like coal. Then, I made a gigantic half-block stone wall around the area with which I built, with several gates adorned with Lapis-Lazuli blocks for added effect. Cobblestone roads make up the main pathways, with a Greenhouse, Tool Shed, Cactus Farm, and Sugar Cane field as highlights. I also have a waterfall next to the mineshaft entrance and waterfalls from various points in the branch rooms in my treehouse. Said water from the treehouse pours into my moat, which is lined at the bottom with gravel. All in all, it'll look pretty darn nice once it's fully complete.
05/03/2011 10:51 AMPosted by Yinian
I also have a tiny Obsidian fort that I port into whenever I visit the Nether, as the last thing I want to zone into is some Ghast flinging a fireball at me and my going flying into the beyond as a result.
I'll have you know that cobblestone is immune to Ghast fireballs.

I was "fortunate" enough for my nether portal to spawn me deep underground in the nether. After drowning in lava a few times, I reached the surface and slowly built an obsidian/cobblestone base and use it as my means to safely go outside.
Underground temples.

Mostly houses. And a huge ass pirate ship:


Generally though, I get bored of worlds when the nearest caves are pillaged and robbed of their resources and make a new world, so I don't really build anything stupidly huge.
I definitely opt for fantasy/medieval themed projects for the most part; castles, towers, forts, docks, things like that. My latest kick I'm doing is more of an infrastructure project though, on my server I'm working on a big road and railway connecting all the different projects together. I've got the automated station running now, just need to finish the lines.

The individual smaller projects are great, but there's something I really enjoy about taking those disparate pieces and connecting them together. It's like bringing a sense of order to the world.
Floating island with a Wizard's tower on it is my main base of operations, I've yet to come up with an aesthetically pleasing way of getting up to it though, I'm stuck swimming up my waterfall. I'd like and elevator someday. I'm also working on trying to make an underwater base made of glass.
I like building cool, short-lived, active things. I do little projects like hiding an obsidian figure in a bigger structure, and rigging the structure with well-spaced, hidden TNT to reveal the contents later on to friends. I also like diggy diggy hole, spelunking, and wandering off trying to find cool terrain (I can't wait for 1.6 and SMP Nether so that I can make regular travel to those places viable). I usually don't have the patience to do elaborate, multi-day construction on a fixed, above ground thing, though.
What do you build? Mostly castles/houses so far.

How do you build? I just use whatever items I have, usually cobblestone, which I end up replacing with something else when a light bulb goes off in my head.

Do you plan anything? Nope. I just build. It's very relaxing for me.

How long did a certain project take you? I don't really keep track.

What do you plan on building next? Maybe a big farming space for my mountaintop castle.
I love building giant open-air houses of sandstone and glass. And trains!!!

I host my own server so I spawn all the mats I need, for me the fun of the game is in building and exploring. I'll just pick a direction and start building train tracks until I find somewhere that looks like a unique place to build something.

Also my friend and I are in the middle of building a pirate ship!!! =D
What do you build? - First I take a look at what recources I have and then go from there. When I first enter the game I build a small house on my spawn point which over time becomes the center hub to the eventual empire. I like living 'in' the land rather than 'on' it, so besides a few landmarks and the 'Great Tower/SkranZit' all my buidings are linking by underground tunnels.

How do you build? - For tunnels the first step is planning out which direction i'm going and whats going to be in my way...if the tunnel is going to run through and ocean or lake I always lay some cobblestone along the sea floor so I don't get flooded in when i start the digging process. When I come across cave systems I always stop what i'm doing and seperate the system into seperate rooms with walls/doors and mark them with signs that will say either "Explored" or "Unexplored" for future reference.

Do you plan anything? - Big projects like large tunnels and the 'Great Tower/SkranZit (Detailed below) I always plan ahead first. I always make sure to estimate the number of materiels needed, mine the materials, and then begin. Thats just to ensure that once I start I don't need to stop.

How long did a certain project take you? - The Great Tower (name still in the works) and the now connected SkranZit system took around 9-10 total hours (this doesn't include the minecart system) to complete. That includes the time it took to mine the stone/iron/obsidian and craft the ladders/torches, and also the planning. Basically I had explored so far out from spawn point and had gotten lost, this was back when I didn't have a compass...so after finding my way back (after a headache) I decided that I needed a set of landmarks so I could find my way around easier. The first tower, The Great Tower, resides a few hundred yards from my hub. Its 15x15x55 and has a glass dome at the top lit up with torches...halfway up theres 12 openings, only 6 of which are being used, that have paths leading off to other towers which serve as landmarks for various regions of my map. 4 of the 6 used paths have minecarts installed, so i've dubbed it 'SkranZit' or Sky Transit (cause i'm super original).

What do you plan on building next? - After I finish up with the remaining paths (6 more towers to go) I'm prolly gonna start working on clearing out a good portion of underground space and creating a stone city, like something you'd see from a civilization living underground. Don't want it to be dinky though, and I want it under a good amount of ocean, so we'll see if that happens or not :)
It's always been a long time dream of mine to build the Normandy from mass effect 2. a Life size one...oh god that would be epic!
Drool at this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-IlW4WOUcA
usually takes me 2-3 weeks to finish big projects but i dont play every day and i usually only play for 2-4 hours on days that i do play
A friend and I have a multiplayer server we've been on for months, and we used to play a ton. We've got a massive castle (complete with keep, shops, 2 inns, a massive church, colosseum, several towers, an underground dungeon/prison with functioning iron doors - one of which has a secret passage to an underground nether portal room). We've also got a snow lodge, a fleet of ships, a beach house (I built it, but it wasn't my design - I found a similar one online and modified it), a large cabin-mansion, and a massive strip-mine that looks like a gaping chasm next to the ocean. We put a lot of time into it. I might post some pics if anyones interested.
Some folks I play with, we built a town, caverns underneath, one built a giant boat a while away from the town, I built an Overpass (so we could run in near straight lines miles above the ground to get places safer at night), another built a floating island just outside town (it's small, and she once pushed me off it by 'accident' and caused me to splatter all over the ground).

The tunnels under out town are MASSIVE. Once, after spending a while playing a 'challenge' map based on the original Legend of Zelda (and bombing the crap out of it with TNT- HUGE hole, we got to the bedrock) we decided to make a copy of our town's file and blow it up.

I lined my entire underground emergency tunnels with TNT, and the walls around our town with TNT...let's just say after the lag stopped, our town was a nice big hole in the ground without a HINT of any caverns under it.

Offtopic (kinda): Everytime I think of Minecraft now, I imagine this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2rDbRUDkds

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