Quest: The Firelord - Mount Hyjal

I've been trying to complete the Firelord quest in Mount Hyjal (the one were you have to fight Ragnaros) on my rogue and can't complete it for the life of me. I have done it about 5 times and the same thing happens each time. I avoid the lava waves, kill the spawns, DPS Rag, and by the time I get him to about 45-60% he kills Cenarius, Hammul, and Malfurion. I saw that a bug was fixed on him recently and didn't see any thing else on him in the known issues section.

I don't know if there is another issue with him that I missed or what is going on. I've done him before on 2 other characters and never had a problem. Does anybody know if there is another bug or if something else going on. Any info or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
I'm having the same problem too on my shaman. It tells me to heal Cenarius, yet I'm an Enhance shaman and my heals don't even make a dent in his health. I thought one of the other NPC's were supposed to heal Cenarius? If he is, he's not doing it.
he gets super low and then all the friendly npcs dissapear...
Im having the same problem. I can get him down to 10% but cant down him.
I am also experiencing the same problem. I tried my best to get the adds off Runetotem and Stormrage yet Cenarius still dies when ragnaros is around 40% hp
I posted in this thread here-

If you could share with us there when you last tried the quest and what issues you're running into, we can pass word along, though this should have been corrected.
Still broken.

Just tried it on my Warlock. Cenarius died with Rag at about 50% health. It does not seem that Cenarius is being healed at all.
Blueie? Are ya there (knock knock knock......)

Knock twice if you're working on it... ;-)

Psst.. I answered about this on the other thread. We're working on it. Just no ETA on the fix just yet.
Tried about 4 times today and nothing.. Gets low just wants to be healed kill adds and still worse outcome..
The quest is still broken.

Just tried it about 3 mins ago.

Ragnaros gets to about 33% health then Cenarius dies, Rag 1 shots me, other 2 druids die

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