Latency/FPS lagg while in non-instance combat

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I randomly started having this issue yesterday afternoon where I would start lagging when I go into the "combat state", even when on training dummies. My latency would shoot up and my fps would drop to about 10-12. I have taken the necessary actions of deleting addons and cache. The thing that confuses me is that it ONLY happens on characters on the Hakkar realm, I have other characters on different realms that work fine. Is this a known issue? I saw a thread about lag/fps, but that was for Zul'Gurub/Zul'Aman.

I'll provide more information if need be. Thanks!
I was having the same issues, so I logged off and disabled ALL add-ons and the problem went away. Im now in the process of cleaning out the add-on folder and downloading up to date ones I actually use these days. Give it a try.

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